Welcome to the official website of Dr Terry Loong (often known as Dr Terry by her patients).

Dr Terry is a qualified doctor for more than 18 years, having graduated from King’s College London in 2002. She first trained as a surgeon before specialising in Aesthetic Medicine in 2007. She started out her career, inspired by her late mother who suffered from hormonal acne and acne scars which led to her first book “The Hormonal Acne Solution”.

When Dr Terry was 30 years old, she was diagnosed with early stage cervical cancer which led her down the path of nutrition, lifestyle medicine and hormonal balance. Her philosophy as an Integrative Aesthetic and Hormone Doctor is to help her patients look and feel their best, with each passing year, naturally and holistically.

FG, 49 years old, Director Film & Television

I have been treated by Dr Terry since 2010 she is an excellent Doctor who takes a real interest in her patients and any concerns that they have. Dr Terry is incredibly skilled at making you look as natural as possible , people know that you look good and an improved version of yourself – but they have no idea why. I like to see it as maintenance ! Over the years I have recommended Dr Terry to various friends of mine who like me have had excellent results. Dr Terry has the combination of being both technically skilled with what I call in the design world ” a good eye ” I cannot recommend her highly enough and I would not go anywhere else.

SC, 52 years old, Teacher

Dr Terry is an outstanding skin doctor. I have been a patient of hers for over 10 years and her perfectionism and accuracy of every treatment I’ve been given has been excellent, with each result being extremely natural and with hardly any downtime. This shows the first class skill and knowledge she has about all aesthetic and non aesthetic procedures.
I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Terry to anyone who wishes to look after their skin and maintain a youthful natural look regardless of their age.

I have also been following a recommended skin plan from Dr Terry and I can wholeheartedly say the products I’ve been using have made a remarkable difference to my skin.

Can you relate?

Which one do you most relate to at the moment - The Logical Brain, Feelings or Wiser Higher Self?

Decided to take a week off IG last week as I was starting to feel flat from life in general. No logical reason but I know my hormones are in play here. Taking my own advice and taking better care of myself which includes taking a break from social media

Have you been feeling tired and flat lately? What do you when you feel that way?
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As much as I want to sugar coat things and deny it’s happening, women are struggling.

Disproportionately so especially during this time when there’s unprecedented amount of pressure from every angle while making decisions for our family without putting our needs too far down the to-do-list

As I speak with women in my clinic, on my Zoom calls, in my community and in real life, I hear and feel their struggles.

Taking care of ourselves is NO LONGER A LUXURY, it’s A NECESSITY.

~ Make sure you drink your water
~ Get outside in nature
~ Take regular breaks (even 2 minutes will make an accumulative difference)
~ Sit down and eat
~ Move your body
~ Breathe
~ Go to bed early
~ Laugh
~ Cry
~ Eat nourishing food
~ Get some alone time
~ Look after your skin
~ Connect with friends or make positive new friends

There is no Knight in shining armour to save you but there are supporters.

There is no Prince Charming to take the troubles away but there are cheerleaders.

You may feel alone but know there are others.

The road ahead will be tough so conserve your energy. Protect your boundaries. Focus on building your health:
Your children still needs you.
Your family still needs you.
Your community still needs you.

If I can support you in any way, please let me know. Sending you positive light and love into the weekend ahead 💕
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🚨 New IG Live 🚨 I will be over at @hormoneuniversity today chatting with the founder Ana Herrera all about treatment options for hormonal acne

I connected with Ana over IG and I was blown away by her story and mission. She is an entrepreneur and founded the Hormone University after her experience with hormonal upheaval. She is also a Personal Care/Beauty Executive and Endowarrior with a strong passion for education and clean & sustainable brands.

Ana is the author of the Ebook “Plastics: Dangers and Solutions, a complete guide for sustainable packaging”.

She suffered from stage IV Endometriosis for years and went through five surgeries, infertility and surgical menopause. Like her, 79% of the adult female population are experiencing hormone imbalances.

After her personal experience, Ana decided this obstacle in her life would become her mission to help others and increase awareness on hormonal imbalances.

Learning that education is the foundation of many areas of wellness within a community in order to make the right health choices, Ana used her expertise to start Hormone University.

Hormone University’s mission is to empower us with knowledge to improve hormone health, to learn to self-care in a natural & holistic way, and advocate for ourselves. Her team works on providing research and fighting for social justice and impact. Her goal is to impact at least 1 million lives by 2023

Ana is the youngest of four, and places family and friends as one of the most important priorities in life. She loves languages and speaks five of them fluently. She graduated from Les Roches Hotel Management School with Honours and has a Masters from the London School of Economics. She is based between New York & London, and loves her country, Spain

A formidable lady - I’m looking forward to chatting with her on one of my favourite topics. Join us over @hormoneuniversity at 6pm BST/ 1pm EST. If you have any specific questions you would like me to answer, let me know below
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Our mind justifies to protect us and avoid rocking the boat but our body (whether that be our skin, hormones or health) will only suffer when deep down it KNOWS the truth

I know how it feels like to ignore the signs and soldier through, silencing what was not good for me because it was familiar.

I know how it feels like to make excuses for bad behaviour, destructive thoughts and actions because I was scared of being rejected or making mistakes.

I know how it feels like to deny feelings because facing it would be too painful.

With all that I have pushed down, denied or justified, in the past, I have experienced anxiety and depression, adrenal fatigue, self-harm, cancer scare, hair falling out and skin breaking out.

But every day as I learn to accept what is and be kind to myself, I get better at tuning in and trusting my body to lead the way

Have you been listening to your body recently? What is it saying?
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Even after 14 years as an Aesthetic Doctor, I still get butterflies 🦋 when I receive beautiful feedback from my patients. Whether from a new patient or one who has been with me for more than 10 years

My approach to aesthetic treatments has always been to restore one’s youthful features and not change the way they look.

I’m very grateful for having the opportunity to work with women and helping them in their aesthetic discovery and journey. Thank you @venny.nikolova for your trust in me

I know I don’t post much about my aesthetic work on my IG page but I’ve been an Aesthetic doctor longer than I’ve worked on skin and hormones. It was really through spending time learning about my patients stories behind the lines that brought them in that inspired me to study skin and hormones. And the rest as they say is history

If you’re new to aesthetic treatments and overwhelmed by the options, check out one of my videos on IGTV titled “Easy Guide to Cosmetic Procedures”. I will also save it on my highlights. Hope you find it useful and any questions, let me know
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