Welcome to the official website of Dr Terry Loong (often known as Dr Terry by her patients).

Dr Terry is a qualified doctor for more than 18 years, having graduated from King’s College London in 2002. She first trained as a surgeon before specialising in Aesthetic Medicine in 2007. She started out her career, inspired by her late mother who suffered from hormonal acne and acne scars which led to her first book “The Hormonal Acne Solution”.

When Dr Terry was 30 years old, she was diagnosed with early stage cervical cancer which led her down the path of nutrition, lifestyle medicine and hormonal balance. Her philosophy as an Integrative Aesthetic and Hormone Doctor is to help her patients look and feel their best, with each passing year, naturally and holistically.

FG, 49 years old, Director Film & Television

I have been treated by Dr Terry since 2010 she is an excellent Doctor who takes a real interest in her patients and any concerns that they have. Dr Terry is incredibly skilled at making you look as natural as possible , people know that you look good and an improved version of yourself – but they have no idea why. I like to see it as maintenance ! Over the years I have recommended Dr Terry to various friends of mine who like me have had excellent results. Dr Terry has the combination of being both technically skilled with what I call in the design world ” a good eye ” I cannot recommend her highly enough and I would not go anywhere else.

SC, 52 years old, Teacher

Dr Terry is an outstanding skin doctor. I have been a patient of hers for over 10 years and her perfectionism and accuracy of every treatment I’ve been given has been excellent, with each result being extremely natural and with hardly any downtime. This shows the first class skill and knowledge she has about all aesthetic and non aesthetic procedures.
I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Terry to anyone who wishes to look after their skin and maintain a youthful natural look regardless of their age.

I have also been following a recommended skin plan from Dr Terry and I can wholeheartedly say the products I’ve been using have made a remarkable difference to my skin.

Home skin peel Part 2

🔸 If you have never had a skin peel before or your skin is not used to the active ingredients in the skin peel, it’s best to use a product that has smaller concentrations of the active ingredient at least 2-3 weeks before to prep your skin to prevent any reaction
🔸About 5 days before, you want to avoid any electrical beauty treatments, microdermabrasion, facial electrolysis or threading, facial laser treatments, active skin ingredients, direct sunlight (long exposures without sunscreen), sun beds or tanning booths, avoid extremes of temperatures including saunas and steam baths
🔸Although home skin-peels are superficial, if your epidermal barrier is impaired, this increases risk of reaction (burning and itching) & post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

🔸Follow the instructions of the home skin #peel VERY CAREFULLY
especially the time it’s meant to stay on your skin (some say 10mins, some say overnight). You will also need to know before you start how to neutralise the acid (some are self-neutralising so you don’t need to wash it off).

🔸You may experience some warmth and some tingling. Your skin
may look a little flushed too. If your skin is itching or burning (which
means there is inflammation or the skin has been damaged), wash
off the peel solution IMMEDIATELY with luke warm water
🔸Once you remove the peel solution, you can then apply a cool compress to soothe the skin further

🔸Apply a calming face mask followed by a soothing moisturiser (with hyaluronic acid, aloe vera or green tea)
🔸Apply SPF every day even during cloudy days
🔸Avoid using retinols or having facials too soon after, both ofwhich
can be too strong and can irritate skin post-peel
🔸 Be gentle with your skin, using a mild or milky cleanser, keeping
skin hydrated with hyaluronic acid serum, good quality moisturisers
& nourishing facial oils if necessary

If you’re unsure if home peels are right for you or wanting to choose the best home peel for your skin goals, I can help with my team @getharley . Just click on the link in my bio to start your journey to glowing skin 💪 #skinrejuvenation

Home Skin Peel PART 1

Physical scrubs exfoliate the skin mechanically, removing superficial dead skin cells. Skin peels exfoliate the skin chemically, loosening the tight bonds between skin cells, resulting in a slightly deeper exfoliation, encouraging new cell formation & reducing excess oil in the pores and skin

Skin peels help to reduce inflammation, acne, pigmentation, fine lines/wrinkles & boost your skin’s natural glow. It gives your home skin routine a little 💪 and helps maintain or enhance results in between professional treatments. In today’s post, I will share with you the different types of home peels available & tomorrow I will share tips before, during and after your peel to maximise the effects and prevent problems

1️⃣ Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA’s) - It exfoliates but also promotes collagen & blood flow, correct discoloration from scars & age spots, improve surface lines & wrinkles, prevent acne breakouts, brighten your complexion & increase product absorption
🔸Citric acid (from citrus fruit) - great for brightening
🔸Glycolic acid (from sugar cane) - smallest molecule so can be slightly more irritating
🔸Mandelic acid (from sweet almonds). Gentler & better for acne breakouts. Less irritation
🔸Malic acid (from apples). Helps ceramide stimulation
🔸Lactic acid (from milk). Great for hydrating & brightening skin

2️⃣ Beta-Hydroxy acid (BHA) eg salicylic acid loves oil so it penetrates deeper to unclog pores. Helps to reduce redness, excessive oil & inflammation. It doesn’t have any humectant properties so can be drying to some skin types

3️⃣ Polyhydroxy acids (PHA) eg lactobionic acids great for sensitive & dryer skin conditions

4️⃣ Enzymes - from fruit eg papaya, pineapple & pumpkin. Gently breaks down excess keratin on surface of skin, leaving it smoother & healthier looking. Like little Pac-Man

How do you rate home skin peel? What is your favourite? #homeskinpeels #skinpeels #homepeels #skinrejuvenation

Flu season is upon us so I wanted to share my favourite immune boosting supplements. But I was thinking - is flu season still a thing as we’ve had a full year of the C-virus
Taking supplements compliment the FOUNDATIONS of good immunity - eating nutritious food, having regular good quality sleep, exercising, managing stress healthily and having good relationships. Supplement doesn’t replace it so remember the basics
Here are some of my favourite supplements to boost immunity & reduce chances of yucky infections:-
🔹Vitamin C - oldie but goodie. Anti-viral, shortens duration of illness and reduce replication of virus. Aim for 1000mg/day

🔹Vitamin D - shown to reduce risk of respiratory infections. 2000-5000IU/ day depending on your levels and how much sunlight you get

🔹Ginseng - anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and plays a part in antibody production. Look for Panax Ginseng 200-400mg/day

🔹Vitamin B6 - best for boosting immunity of all the Vitamin B’s. Aim for 100mg/day

🔹Elderberry - shortens duration of flu, powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. Available in capsule or liquid form

🔹Echinacea - a herb treasured by Native American Indians. Great for preventing infection and common colds. Also observed to help reduce anxiety and depression
Do you use any of the above? What’s your favourite immune boosting supplement? #immuneboosting #wellness #energyboosting #boostingimmunity #menopausesupport

Lockdown 2.0! What did you stock up while online grocery shopping?

Sharing some food ideas for healthy skin:-
🥑 Avocado to eat on its own or to make guacamole as a dip
🥕Vegetables eg carrot, cucumber, celery to be cut into sticks for a healthy snack in the fridge. Get some hummus dips or make your own
🌽Corn kernels to make home made popcorns
🥥Coconut flakes, coconut yogurt or coconut ice cream (for a healthy sweet treat)
🍋 Lemon and limes
🍓 Fresh fruits (frozen fruit is fine, no dried fruit)
🌊 Seaweed sheets to make sushi rolls or to snack
🥬 Kale to make kale chips, kale soup & kale salad
🍲 Couscous, quinoa, bulgar wheat
🍫 Dark Chocolate
🌰 Tahini spreads (I found this sugar free chocolate tahini spread from @sesame.kingdom) or almond butter
🌾Oats to make your own granola, energy bars or balls. Add walnuts, almonds, pecans, Brazil nuts, macadamia nuts
🐟 Smoked salmon, fresh salmon, smoked mackerel for extra healthy fats
🦪 Oysters (high in zinc which is good for immunity and healing)

Have you stocked your fridge and pantry? Do you have any favourites to add? #healthyskinfood #healthysnacksideas #hormonalbalance #hormonalacne #adultacne #antiageingfoods

Always humbled by patients reviews. Thank you @age_less_glow for the lovely feedback

Going through hormonal changes is different for every woman. It depends on genetics, lifestyle and what’s going on in their life. Some feel the difference gradually while some feel like a different person overnight

When patients see me for hormonal balance, their initial goal can vary:-
🌸 Some need help in diagnosing or determining if IT IS their hormones playing up
🌸 Some need help in making sense of test results they’ve carried out and making a plan to correct it
🌸 Some need help with keeping them accountable with lifestyle changes
🌸 Some need help to determine if HRT is right for them
🌸 Some need help from a prescribing doctor to work alongside their nutritionist, functional practitioner or health coach to provide the extra support

Whatever their initial goal, my role is to listen, be curious and be supportive. My mission is to help women pre-empt the change, navigate through the change and be triumphant in the process, learning to know themselves, honouring their struggles and prioritising their health

Do you have any questions on hormones for me? Let me know below and I will share some tips x #hormonalbalance #femalehormones #femalehormonedoctor #perimenopause #menopause #hormonedoctor #pcos #hotflushes #nightsweats

As a 2nd national lockdown is looming over UK for the rest of 2020, it’s easy to feel frustrated, despondent & unmotivated. I refuse to give in & I encourage you to not let the restrictions take over your own personal power too. We may not be able to control what’s happening out there but we can control what’s happening in our mind & our intention for optimising our health so we enter 2021 strong

In this post, I share some of my favourite tips for healthy skin, healthy mind & overall optimal health

🍋 Start your day with lemon water instead of caffeine

🍵 Swap coffee to matcha - it’s high in antioxidants & L-theanine, an amino acid which increases serotonin, dopamine & GABA giving a calming effect on the mind & body

💃🏻 Move your body every day to increase circulation & oxygenation

🌲 Get outside. Take deep breaths in fresh open air. Enjoy as much sunshine as possible

💊 Take all your immune boosting & anti-inflammatory supplements e.g. probiotic, omega 3, Vitamin C, Vitamin D & Zinc

🧘‍♂️ Meditate ⬇️ sympathetic “fight & flight” & ⬆️ parasympathetic “rest & repair” response

👩‍🍳 Meal prep & batch cook healthy anti-inflammatory foods

🥒 Prepare healthy snacks so it’s easy to stay healthy if you get bored at home

💨 Take 3 deep breaths before you eat to prepare for digestion. Better digestion equates to better absorption of nutrients

🗣 Connect with favourite friends & family. Focus on +ve things happening in life & ask how you can help

😂 Laugh - if you have to watch TV, choose something that will make you LOL

🧖🏻‍♀️ Get consistent with a healing skin care routine & use a hydrating mask 2-3 times a week. If you need help with your skin or planning home skin treatments, let me know

Self care is so important during this time & every little extra love we give ourselves will boost our overall wellbeing. Not to mention, when you take care of your skin, your hormones & your body, your cells will return in kind & work with you (rather than against you) towards the common goal of repairing, recharging and regenerating.

Tell me the 1 thing you’ll be using this time to better your skin health? I will share my thoughts #skincaretips