Welcome to the official website of Dr Terry Loong (often known as Dr Terry by her patients).

Dr Terry is a qualified doctor for more than 18 years, having graduated from King’s College London in 2002. She first trained as a surgeon before specialising in Aesthetic Medicine in 2007. She started out her career, inspired by her late mother who suffered from hormonal acne and acne scars which led to her first book “The Hormonal Acne Solution”.

When Dr Terry was 30 years old, she was diagnosed with early stage cervical cancer which led her down the path of nutrition, lifestyle medicine and hormonal balance. Her philosophy as an Integrative Aesthetic and Hormone Doctor is to help her patients look and feel their best, with each passing year, naturally and holistically.

FG, 49 years old, Director Film & Television

I have been treated by Dr Terry since 2010 she is an excellent Doctor who takes a real interest in her patients and any concerns that they have. Dr Terry is incredibly skilled at making you look as natural as possible , people know that you look good and an improved version of yourself – but they have no idea why. I like to see it as maintenance ! Over the years I have recommended Dr Terry to various friends of mine who like me have had excellent results. Dr Terry has the combination of being both technically skilled with what I call in the design world ” a good eye ” I cannot recommend her highly enough and I would not go anywhere else.

SC, 52 years old, Teacher

Dr Terry is an outstanding skin doctor. I have been a patient of hers for over 10 years and her perfectionism and accuracy of every treatment I’ve been given has been excellent, with each result being extremely natural and with hardly any downtime. This shows the first class skill and knowledge she has about all aesthetic and non aesthetic procedures.
I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Terry to anyone who wishes to look after their skin and maintain a youthful natural look regardless of their age.

I have also been following a recommended skin plan from Dr Terry and I can wholeheartedly say the products I’ve been using have made a remarkable difference to my skin.

When was the last time you checked down below? One cervical screening test changed my life when they found early cancer cells when I was 30 years old. I subsequently had treatment and I’ve been cleared since

I interrupt this week’s usual post to remind you of Cervical Cancer Prevention Week encouraging you to book a cervical screening test if it’s been awhile. It’s is a free health test available on the NHS as part of the national cervical screening programme. It helps PREVENT cervical cancer by checking for a virus called high-risk HPV and cervical cell changes. It is not a test for cancer

I know Covid19 has put a halt to many NHS services but don’t let it deter you for looking after your health. I went for a random check up when I suspected my not-so-nice boyfriend at that time was cheating on me so I wanted to make sure I was “clean”. Getting the results woke me up to focus on my health and changed the course of my career, helping my patients do the same

For women between 24-64 years old, regardless of your sexual orientation, sexual history or whether you have had the HPV vaccination, please book yourself in. Cervical screening now test for HPV which causes changes in the cells of the cervix. By finding and treating these early, you can prevent most cervical cancer. For more information, please go to www.jotrust.org.uk #cervicalcancerpreventionweek #cervicalscreening #wellnesslifestyle #wellnesswarrior

Can Botox help relieve headaches?
It can help by relaxing the muscles that causes tension headaches eg
~ Frown muscles between your eyebrows
~ Frontalis muscle on the Forehead
~ Temporalis muscle on temple area
~ Occipitalis muscle at the back and top of the head
~ A hyperactive masseter muscle which can lead to teeth grinding and the pain radiates to the temples
Tension headaches can be caused by migraines and can also be triggered by stress, food, nutritional deficit, dehydration, tiredness, hormonal changes and the environment. It’s important to treat headaches from the source but it can be relieved by Botox in interim (if suitable) to give some breathing space so you can address the triggers. Botox is a licensed medical treatment for migraines
If you have any questions about Botox for treatment of headaches, please let me know below. Ps: this photo was taken before the pandemic happened and mask became the norm. #botoxtreatment #botoxheadaches #migrainerelief #headacherelief

Grateful for my patients and looking forward to seeing them again in clinic soon. Staying positive, hopeful and in motion - preparing myself when the doors open again. If you’ve ever considered aesthetic treatments, I will be doing an “Are you suitable?” video series next covering common aesthetic treatments eg Botox, dermal fillers and thread lifts. If there are any other treatments you would like to cover, please let me know. #londonaesthetics #threadlift #botoxtreatment #dermalfillers ...

As we adapt to the new “normal” of 2021, I want to make this year count so let me know what topics you would like me to share that would benefit your life

I’ve had questions about skin supplements, beauty home devices, how to look younger on a budget, whether I will be running a clinic in Paris (yes that was an actual question 🥰 My dream is to travel again so never say never 🥳). My topic of interest (and continue pursuit) is glowing skin, hormonal balance, age reversal or youth maintenance, personal development, confidence, being efficient as a working mum and living a vibrant life

Which topics would rock your boat? Any specific questions you want to ask or topics you want to do a deep dive into? Let me know, I’m writing notes 📝 🙏 Thank you again x #brainstorm #inspiration #vibrantliving #skinenergy #hormonalbalance #glowingskintips #agereversal #youthmaintenance

Creating a better world for my son

When I first started my career as an Aesthetic Doctor back in 2007, I had conflicting moments of whether I was doing myself and women a disservice by specialising in a field that looks at women’s ageing features and strive to achieve beauty ideals. I had to struggle with my own self-worth as I started to age and having an idea of what I should look like

As I got wiser with life, I shifted my perspective and really pin pointed the reason why I do what I do whether that be helping women have clearer skin, restoring youthful features or balancing their hormones. The goal has always been deep down to help women find confidence in herself

When a woman is confident, she’s happier and healthier and it will create a positive ripple effect with her children, her family, her community and the world at large. Imagine when a mother is happy and healthy, her children are more likely to be happier too. When a woman is happy and healthy, there is higher chance of creation, contribution and collaboration. Wouldn’t it be a better world to live in

That’s me declaring my mission for 2021 💪 Can you help create a better world for my son too? #mondayinspiration #workingmums #femaledoctor #doctormum #aestheticdoctor #hormonalbalance

Sharing my simple formula for better sleep on #festivalofsleepday
After you set your time to sleep,
3 hours before - no more eating. Time to rest your gut.

2 hours before - no more work. Time to rest your mind.

1 hour before - no more screens. Time to rest your eyes.

0 hour just before - Magnesium supplement (I take 200mg of Mg Glycinate). Time to rest the muscles and nervous system (you can get 10% off when you purchase from The Natural Dispensary. Link in my bio)
Getting good quality and quantity of sleep is one of the foundations for hormonal balance, clear skin, strong immunity and longevity. Simple but I know not always easy to do. How’s your sleep like? What do you find helps your sleep or hinders your sleep? Would it help if I ran a 30 day sleep challenge?
Wishing you plenty of restful nights for an amazing year ahead 💪 #tipsforbettersleep #hormonalbalance #hormonalacnesolution #hormonalacne #longevity #antiageing

Does your New Year goals excite you and fill your 💖 with joy? I hope it does. If it feels more push than pull, then consider these questions when you’re setting your intentions for the year
✨Why are the goals IMPORTANT to YOU?
✨Why are they important RIGHT NOW?
✨WHO NEEDS YOU to figure it out/achieve it?
✨Who do you need to BE to achieve it?
Whether you’re setting your sights on getting healthier, fitter or pursuing a new business, career or hobby, do it with joy and enthusiasm. I did an IG live yesterday (now up on IGTV) on setting meaningful health goals so you can stick to it and achieve it. Go check it out

Here’s to coming more ALIVE in 2021 💪 #inspirationalwords #inspirationalwomen #bossbabes #lifeofadventures #lifeofanartist

Sharing my top 9 post for 2020.... lots of breaking down, getting back up and trying new things. Of all the good and bad that happened in 2020, I’m reminded that my family is everything and I get back up because my son is watching me. I want him to see that despite the uncertainties and disappointments, we can always choose to make things better. To adapt, to change and to make the best of our situation, focusing on what we can control and letting go of the rest to the Universe
I’m grateful for the many lessons I learned, kindness from strangers and support from my amazing patients, colleagues, friends and family. I’m excited for the new year and looking forward to sharing it with you
Happy New Year everyone x #newyearevereflections #newyear2021