Your past doesn’t define you. It prepares you.

By knowing why things happen, we can make better informed decisions for ourselves moving forward.

Education is the heart of what I do. I enjoy teaching and guiding women to take control of the way they age, with more grace, health and fabulous-ness.

Here are the talks and workshops that I have given in the past.

“Beyond Botox! Modern Solutions for the Modern Woman”

I discuss the presentation of premature ageing and how to prevent it, how to analyse a changing face and an overview of treatments possible.

“Hormonal Acne Solution”

I discuss the presentation and root causes of hormonal acne and how to clear it without antibiotics, birth control pill and roaccutane.

“Eat, Pray, Love to Hormonal Bliss”

I discuss how hormones go out of balance and the foundational pillars to find more equilibrium.

“Make Peace with your Period and PMS”

I discuss how periods and PMS can cause problems, looking at potential root causes and how you can work with them to feel your best through different seasons of your life.

“The Gift of Perimenopause to Harness your Power and Productivity”

I discuss what happens in this monumental transition in a woman’s life and how we can untap its power for more joy, success and health.

If you resonate with my work and my energy and looking for a speaker for your next event, get in touch by emailing [email protected] or you can reach out to me on LinkedIn.

If you have a specific audience whom you like to cater to a specific topic that you would like to cover but is not mentioned above, please do get in touch so we can discuss your needs further.