I am forever grateful to have so many fantastic patients, seeing them through their journey to better skin, health and confidence. My practice is largely built on word-of-mouth and personal referrals so I am honoured to be able to share some of the stories and feedback with you.

AG, 53yo, Permanent Makeup Artist

DrTerry was recommended to me by one of my own clients and I am so pleased I consulted with and subsequently went ahead with a general aesthetic freshen up. Dr Terry is very skilled and has a good eye for detail, she listens well and I felt at all times in very capable hands. I am so very pleased with the wonderfully natural looking subtle results and have had many compliments. I highly recommend this skilled aesthetic doctor, Thankyou DrTerry!

EW, 51yo, business owner

Three years ago I started having irregular periods, really low and erratic mood swings, poor concentration along with hot flushes, I couldn’t sleep, I was gaining weight around my middle, my skin was awful, the list went on.

I’d been to my GP who told me my symptoms were perimenopausal and prescribed HRT this made a slight improvement but I still didn’t feel like my old self. A friend recommended visiting Dr Terry and I’m so grateful she did. Dr Terry was a breath of fresh air, she explained to me how our hormones work which was fascinating.

That day we started a treatment plan. I started taking body identical HRT, had food allergy tests as Dr Terry explained gut health is also really important for our wellbeing , she advised me on the supplements I should take and also which skin care products would be good for my skin, as I left the clinic, I instantly felt like a weight had been lifted, I had a understanding of what was happening to my body, I felt so much more positive about the future and I can honestly say I don’t know what I would have done without her.

Dr Terry’s approach is different to my own GP who seems to prescribe the same dosage of HRT to any perinmenopausal ladies, which doesn’t suit everyone. Over the period I’ve known Dr Terry we’ve tweaked things as my hormone levels change, I live 200 miles away from Dr Terry’s clinic so if I have any questions or issues I can arrange a virtual appointment or email her and she’ll advise me on her thoughts or what to do next.. I feel so at ease talking to Dr Terry, and she’s so informative, I’ve learnt so much from her, I feel that she’s not only my hormone Doctor but also my lifestyle coach, I can 100% recommend Dr Terry

VN, 22yo, Accountant

Dr Terry is the absolute best. She is a great listener and really understands the patient’s needs. She made me very comfortable as someone who is new to cosmetic procedures and made every effort to ensure I don’t feel any pain and feel nice and calm. Her work is impeccable and all my friends want to go to her after seeing my before and afters. I have had undereye filler, lip filler and nasolabial filler with her so far and honestly cannot fault her! If you are looking for someone who will care for you and give you beautiful natural results that fit you, then I highly recommend her 🙂

MA, 48 yo, Project Manager

Dr Terry is very patient focused and I have always been very happy with results. Not only does she take care of you in her practice, but always follows up and stays available for questions or after care. I highly recommend Dr Terry for natural looking Botox results as well as skin care.

SR, 48 yo, Team Leader

Dr Terry is an absolute miracle worker!

I think what stands out to me the most is the empathy and integrity she demonstrates as a professional and a person.

I can be quite anxious and the levels of care that were offered to me before, during and after the procedure were incredible.

I strongly recommend seeing Dr Terry to ensure honest, aware and credible consultation and treatment.

My results have been perfect every time.

Thank you Dr Terry! Xx

VM, 45 yo, Tarot Card Reader

During my first consultation Dr. Terry quickly diagnosed a skin issue that I have been wondering about for years. She took the time to write a detailed treatment plan for me, together with explanations, and she has been very responsive to my questions. I really appreciate the care she is taking to ensure my very sensitive skin is well-prepared before further treatment. She is very communicative and helpful.

CH, 43 yo, Functional Nutritionist

Dr Terry is nothing short of brilliant! She’s professional, caring, supportive and conscientious. I always feel in very safe hands – whether she’s helping me with my hormones or my skin. After a total hysterectomy in 2019 Dr Terry has made a hug difference to my recovery. She has helped me make sense of the menopausal maze by guiding me through the different HRT options and how best to use them. She has also changed my skin for the better. My skin has gone from very dry and, at times, uncomfortable to fresher and healthier with minimal interventions. Recently she also suggested some minor treatments to imrove the appearance of a facial scar. This has been life changing and I can’t thank her enough. She really is the best! Thank you Dr Terry!.

SH, 35 yo works in the city

I have had hormonal skin problems that resulted in acne but also had dry skin at the same time. I was very self-conscious. After Dr Terry’s advice and treatment, which is as natural and holistic as possible – but also highly effective – my skin has never looked better. I really trust Dr Terry to provide the right solution(s) for my skin. I have never felt ‘sold’ to like I have with other fancy skin clinics on Harley Street. I have recently gone back for a consultation for skin under my eyes, and felt really guided and supported in finding out what treatments would be best for me. Dr Terry is a gem!

AE, 31yo, Marketing, Texas

I feel like Dr. Terry and I have gone on a hike together. After 6 months of working towards the objective goal of stabilizing my skin, we uncovered deeper levels of the journey that, upon reflection, have lifted me to a more holistic understanding of my body and more healing of, and love for, myself as a whole.

As part of the process, we made changes to my daily routine to reduce cortisol spikes, established a baseline skincare routine to allow observation for what was happening beneath the skin, and then targeted the gut and connected, internal biomes that often times result in hormonal imbalances through diet and supplement support.

Along the way, she cared. She was dialed into status updates, shared words of perspective when the journey felt endless, and provided tactical suggestions and expertise along the way.

I am grateful to have met Dr. Terry and can share that alongside her process as well as my own spiritual and emotional healing, that I’ve found greater appreciation for myself, healing for my skin, and a holistic understanding of how our bodies are connected.

If given the opportunity, work with her – she’s an incredible hiking partner.

MC, 43 yo stay at home mum

I came to Dr. Terry after having followed her and on Instagram for a while. She is as lovely and kind as she comes across and I had an amazing experience doing the hormonal balance with her over a period of 6 months.

I cannot express in words how much she has healed and helped me: I feel so much better, younger, vibrant and energetic than I have in a long time. I recognize myself in the mirror again, and feel comfortable in my skin again. From medical tests, supplements, lifestyle, skincare, nutrition and even parenting/family – nothing was off limits and Dr Terry truly gives each individual person a very bespoke treatment, holistically. If I am honest, I followed what she asked me to do 50% of the time and still saw tremendous changes in the quality of my life and in my health. This is very doable and I cannot rate her enough. Thank you so very much for all that you do! Very thankful to have met you and feel privileged to have had this experience 🙏

EH, mother to 15yo son

I asked Dr Terry to meet my son, who is 15 and suffering from some adolescent acne. In a market full of products, it’s impossible to decide what is the right one for your child and also what level of intervention is really required. Dr Terry formed a very easy rapport with him and quickly gained an understanding of his skin but also more importantly how he felt about it. She recognised how much (or little!) time he was willing to spend on his skincare regime and suggested three excellent products accordingly. His skin now looks fabulous! He seems confident and happy with the results and as the regime is easy to manage I believe he will stay committed to it. I’m delighted. Thank you very much. Problem well and truly solved.

SB, 47yo, Artist in Paris

My experience with Dr. Terry was very pleasant, informative and effective. The advice I received allowed me to get rid of my acne in an unexpected way. I had been suffering from adult hormonal acne for about ten years without being able to eradicate it, and within a few months I noticed a clear reduction in pimples, pore size and an improvement in the brightness of my skin. Not only does Dr. Terry’s program help improve overall health through the healthy lifestyle and diet she advises, but it also touches on the holistic well-being of the person, as she addresses aspects of stress management, self-acceptance and resilience. Dr. Terry is very approachable, and her personal experience, which she generously shares, allows her to reach out with compassion and understanding to her patients in their concerns. I highly recommend her program to anyone who wants to improve their hormonal health and skin quality.

JH, 33yo Vegan, completed the Deep Dive Skin Program.

I suffered from adult acne and deep cysts before meeting Dr Terry. I was adamant about going through a holistic approach and tried all the home remedies found online. I didn’t know what I was doing and was frustrated that I wasn’t seeing any results – which was why I was eager to find someone like Dr Terry who would give me a constructive skincare plan and knew what they were doing!

I was so glad to know how holistic Dr Terry’s methodology was. She looked at my diet, sleeping patterns, lifestyle, and exercise and explained all these can trigger acne when neglected. I saw positive results within the first month – more radiance, fewer breakouts and less redness. By the 4th month, my skin cleared.

I enjoyed Dr Terry’s approach – she broke down the plan into stages, she was always available for questions and she did a deep dive into my lifestyle too. I appreciated her adapting the plan around my vegan lifestyle which not many doctors can do. I enjoyed the weekly check-ins which helped me adjust the plan and ensured I was on the right track.

Dr Terry was confident she would be able to find the root cause of my acne – and yes she did by looking at my gut health! I would highly recommend anyone to seek advice from Dr Terry as her approach is what our natural bodies need.

FG, 49 years old, Director Film & Television

I have been treated by Dr Terry since 2010 she is an excellent Doctor who takes a real interest in her patients and any concerns that they have. Dr Terry is incredibly skilled at making you look as natural as possible , people know that you look good and an improved version of yourself – but they have no idea why. I like to see it as maintenance ! Over the years I have recommended Dr Terry to various friends of mine who like me have had excellent results. Dr Terry has the combination of being both technically skilled with what I call in the design world ” a good eye ” I cannot recommend her highly enough and I would not go anywhere else.

SC, 52 years old, Teacher

Dr Terry is an outstanding skin doctor. I have been a patient of hers for over 10 years and her perfectionism and accuracy of every treatment I’ve been given has been excellent, with each result being extremely natural and with hardly any downtime. This shows the first class skill and knowledge she has about all aesthetic and non aesthetic procedures.
I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Terry to anyone who wishes to look after their skin and maintain a youthful natural look regardless of their age.

I have also been following a recommended skin plan from Dr Terry and I can wholeheartedly say the products I’ve been using have made a remarkable difference to my skin.

RA, 36 years old, Marketing

Dr Terry Loong is the best skin and hormonal guru under the sun. I first seen her in relation to my acne than slowly moved to aesthetic treatments. Turned up I had Adrenal fatigue and super low vitamin D deficiency. I seen all sort of dermatologists and have been prescribe roaccutane (messed up my hormones for years) by one of them. She was the first one to deal with the source of my acne. She looks at the body as a whole.

I had Botox, a bit of fillers and silhouette soft threads done by Dr.Terry. When she does Botox I still can move my forehead. My cheeks fillers and tear through treatment was done in 2 stages to make sure we are not overfilling. After silhouette soft treatment her team was checking with me every day how I feel.

She is extremely professional and her moto – less is more resonate with me completely. The final results are always natural. She doesn’t change my look, she brings the best out of me.

FB, 33 years old, Sales

It was my first experience with her, I have been doing Botox treatments for a few years and Dr Terry was by far the best Dr I have seen. From my first consultation until the re-touch she was always in touch with me, asking about my skin and how I was feeling. Highly recommend.

EPB, 47 years old, Interior Designer

Dr. Terry is such an exceptional doctor and I cannot recommend her enough. I have seen her for botox and fillers for many years because of her exceptional attention to detail, her commitment to her patients, the incredibly natural results, and her integrated approach to skin care and wellness. I would never go elsewhere because her results speak for themselves and are very natural. She is exceptionally knowledgeable, there’s never any pressure to try other procedures, and I always leave looking and feeling fantastic. Her knowledge of skincare is also second to none. She is incredibly conscientious, skilled and passionate about helping us all feel and look better, which can feel like a rarity in this sector.

ABG, 49 years old, Personal Shopper

I have had several treatments with Dr Terry and love the subtle results that she achieves. She has a reassuring bedside manner, is knowledgeable and skilled. Would definitely recommend her to my friends!

CH, 46 years old, Nutritionist

No doubt about it, Dr Terry Is a pro! Not only does she have a warm, friendly and reassuring manner she is excellent at what she does.

I’ve always been incredibly fearful of doing anything to my face. However, I recently made the big decision to address a scar on my lip and face from a childhood accident. Although not that noticeable it has affected my self esteem over the years especially due to skin changes as a result of surgical menopause.

Dr Terry treated me over two sessions and the results are perfect. I now have much more symmetrical lips without looking ‘done’ and for the first time in years I have been able to wear lipstick with confidence!

I look forward to working with Terry again to keep my skin fresh and healthy!
Thank you, the results have been life changing.

AS, 49 years old, Music Industry

Dr. Terry is an amazing Aesthetic Physician. She has a warm, caring approach and will only do what you require and not what will make most money. She understands how to give a naturally ‘refreshed’ look and to avoid making you look ‘done’.

SP, 53 years old, Technology

Being a man in this fifties, with no real experience of aesthetic possibilities, I was looking for expert guidance regarding skincare and possible treatments. Dr. Terry suggested a skincare regime to tackle dry skin and a filler treatment, with the goal of making me look the best version of myself! The treatments were incremental, the changes subtle, but noticeable and the outcome exactly what I had hoped.

Dr. Terry’s approach is evolution not revolution. Her delightful manner and expertise meant I looked forward to the consultations and quickly trusted her opinion and judgement. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Dr. Terry to anyone in need of advice.

CJ, 43 years old, Technology

Dr Terry is truly amazing. I went to get for Botox when I was around 36. No one has ever suspected apart from to tell me I’m reverse aging. It’s subtle and natural and I trust her. Now at age 43, I have had fillers as well with Dr Terry, again totally natural and I feel I look better now than in my 30’s. I love her professional and empathetic manner. She is also honest and tells you what is too much and what will look natural. I live in Ascot and so travel quite far to go and see her, but I know she has clients that fly in from abroad. I totally get that!

CA, 34 years old, Yoga teacher

I first went for a consultation with Dr Terry 4 years ago. At that time I was wanting some direction on how to care for my skin as I prepared to go travelling, I had considered botox but was a bit nervous about the procedure. She gave me so many great tips and recommendations and did not pressure me in the slightest to go ahead with anything. Two years later I visited her again and this time I felt ready for botox. She was awesome and made me feel so at ease.

Not only was the treatment just what I wanted, but it lasted for a really long time. DR Terry shared so much wisdom and educated with me on ways I can look after my skin (good supplements to take, diet etc) throughout our session. I cannot wait until I get back to the UK for my next treatment with her. HIGHLY recommend!

ZM, 35 years old, Marketing

Dr Terry is a really caring & sensitive doctor who can help you to use non surgical treatments to help you to age beautifully and with confidence. She takes extra special care taking account of your needs and issues. I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking to manage their personal looks.

L.N. 23 years old Marketing

Trying to find a good doctor that would put me on the right path to naturally curing my hormonal acne wasn’t easy at all, but once I found Dr. Terry I looked no further. She really took the time to understand me and tailor a plan that perfectly suits me. Now, thanks to her, I have seen incredible improvements to both my face and back in just a matter of months.

M.K. 45 years old marketing manager

A big thank you to Dr Terry because she really has taken years off my face!

The improvement has been significant and everyone has commented how “well rested” I look!

J.F. 30 years old manager

“I absolutely love the results of my under-eye treatment! My boyfriend noticed instantly (which is really saying something) – he said I look 5 years younger and healthier! Thank you magical Dr Terry ????”

S.T. 30 years old mature student

“When looking for practitioners to help with our skin, it can feel like a nightmare trying to find somebody who is good at what they do without breaking the bank. Dr Terry surpasses these expectation, as she treats the skin issue at it’s cause, leading to long term, lasting results. She is such an incredible person to work with, and has a holistic approach to skin care. Earlier this year my skin was covered in acne. Now it is totally clear and I have learnt so much about how to care for my skin, which I will take forward for the rest of my life. Dr Terry is the business! 5 stars.”

D.M. – 56 Works as Wealth Manager

“OMG perfect! I am so pleased with the lip treatment Dr Terry did. It turned out perfect and I wore lippy for the first time in years and years. Dr Terry – please never stop doing what you do!”

J.M. – 29 – Works in HR

I have been seeing Dr Terry for my acne and the results have been amazing.

I looked back at my before pictures and I literally couldn’t believe how far I have come with my skin. Before I had breakouts continuously which could last for weeks. Now my skin is under control and more than manageable. With the education along with the right products those one off pimples are gone within a few days and are no longer cystic nor do they leave scars. I now know my skin so well.

When I first met Dr Terry, I felt very paranoid that everyone I met stared at my acne and judged me, at points I really did hate myself and it felt like the acne would never leave me. Dr Terry explained that it would take some time to clear but it would improve and it really has! People are now complementing me on my skin. I met other dermatologist and none of them seemed to really care. They didn’t want to get to the root / internal cause of my acne and simply wanted to put me on strong medication which I was not comfortable with. Dr Terry actually cares; she asks questions that you don’t really ask yourself when it comes to your diet and skin care, but most importantly she is approachable and welcoming. I highly recommend seeing Dr Terry if you’re concerned about your skin.

S.A. Management Consultant, London

Dr. Terry has been instrumental in helping me turn my life around for the better. When I came to see Dr. Terry for the first time, I was feeling the lowest I have felt in my life. I was a complete mess emotionally and physically.

I felt that Dr. Terry genuinely cared and empathised with what I was going through and even shared her own experiences that she had struggled with in her past. 

She developed a customised plan for me to follow. It attacked all my problem areas: leaky gut, adrenal function, thyroid, candida overgrowth. She was also brutally honest, telling me that if I did not sort out my health issues, chances were that bigger, more serious problems lay ahead. I really needed that wake up call to motivate me to change.

Three months on and I feel like a new person. I am getting stronger, feeling lighter and better, more optimistic and more knowledgeable about what my body needs.

Dr. Terry is incredibly open minded and often says that she is constantly learning from her patients and from reading about new developments. That is so refreshing compared to my experience with other doctors who seem more rigid in their views . I also especially like that Dr. Terry bases her diagnoses not only on clinical tests but pays equal importance on how one feels. In fact, that was her starting point with me.

This is completely lacking in mainstream medical practice, especially when it comes to understanding issues relating to women/hormones as they rely solely on clinical results.

I know I have a long road to recovery ahead, but I feel secure in the knowledge that with Dr. Terry’s guidance, I am going to get there stronger and happier.

Another thing, my appointments with Dr. Terry always end with a genuine, friendly, feel good, hug. Which doctor does that!


Samantha C.

Dr Terry is just wonderful!  Her expertise and skill in what she does is brilliant and I am so happy with my treatment at each visit.  She truly is fantastic at what she does and I feel so very very lucky to have found her.”


Samantha C. 42 years old – Musician

M.C – 32 year old Lawyer

I was always wary of having any aesthetic procedures until meeting the lovely and genuine Dr Terry.

I was 34 when I started to see the lines on my forehead deepen. I had tried various facials, creams/serums to try and soften them, but none seemed to work. I had been considering Botox for a while, but was frightened to take the leap!

When I met Dr Terry, her warm, friendly, but professional manner soon told me I was with the right doctor.  I was nervous for my first treatment but Dr Terry was so gentle and patient with me. I was delighted with the results!  This has given me a fresher, brighter appearance and I have gained so much confidence too.  Botox is something I do to look better, along with a good diet and exercise too! All kinds of women are having Botox, I’m just pleased I took the leap and also found Dr Terry!

M.C. 32 years old Lawyer London


H.T. – 45 years old Marketing Manager

I first went to Dr Terry as I wanted Botox around my eyes and I wanted it to look really natural. Previous Botox tended to over arch my eyebrows . With Dr Terry it is much more natural.

Since then I have had various treatments with Dr Terry from fillers in my cheeks, under my eyes and around my lips. All looking incredibly natural with no downtime.  People give me compliments saying how great I look afterwards. No one thinks for a minute that I have had something done

I find Dr Terry very easy to talk to about any issues that I might have with my face and small changes can give you incredible results. I feel too young for a lower face lift and Dr Terry can do wonders.

For me what is important is to look natural with no down time. That’s what I get from treatments from Dr Terry. I would highly recommend her.

Oh and a young attractive twenty something woman in my department thought I was 35 last week …. If that’s not a confident booster I don’t know what is.

H.T. 45 years old Marketing Manager, London

J.B. 36 years old Secretary

Dr Terry is very knowledgeable in her field and has an excellent charisma. She is able to relate to her clients and she truly believes in the products and services she is providing. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Terry to others, she’s a true gem!

J.B. 36 years old Secretary

R.W. 42 years old Nurse Practitioner

Dr Terry Loong is one of those rare members of the medical community, who can communicate expert medical knowledge with great warmth and humanity.

R.W. 42 years old Nurse Practitioner

A.L. 38 year account manager

Dr Terry has not only become a friend over the years but has also become a practitioner that I can refer family and friends to with 100% guarantee that they will be happy with the service and treatment that they will receive.

A.M. 39 year old media analyst

I recommend speaking with Dr. Terry about wherever you are at in your own relationship with your health and well being. She has a brilliant balance of being a qualified doctor with a wide ranging set of knowledge, understanding and experience working with holistic, nutrition and hormonal work.

A.D. 45 years old business coach

Dr Terry is not only very knowledgeable in her field but she is truly passionate in helping women feel their best. She gives so much time to her clients and is keen to see them happy. She has inspired me to embrace my feminine beauty and I know I am in good hands. I highly recommend Dr Terry to anyone who want to look and feel their best – naturally, holistically and beautifully.


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