Three years ago I started having irregular periods, really low and erratic mood swings, poor concentration along with hot flushes, I couldn’t sleep, I was gaining weight around my middle, my skin was awful, the list went on.

I’d been to my GP who told me my symptoms were perimenopausal and prescribed HRT this made a slight improvement but I still didn’t feel like my old self. A friend recommended visiting Dr Terry and I’m so grateful she did. Dr Terry was a breath of fresh air, she explained to me how our hormones work which was fascinating.

That day we started a treatment plan. I started taking body identical HRT, had food allergy tests as Dr Terry explained gut health is also really important for our wellbeing , she advised me on the supplements I should take and also which skin care products would be good for my skin, as I left the clinic, I instantly felt like a weight had been lifted, I had a understanding of what was happening to my body, I felt so much more positive about the future and I can honestly say I don’t know what I would have done without her.

Dr Terry’s approach is different to my own GP who seems to prescribe the same dosage of HRT to any perinmenopausal ladies, which doesn’t suit everyone. Over the period I’ve known Dr Terry we’ve tweaked things as my hormone levels change, I live 200 miles away from Dr Terry’s clinic so if I have any questions or issues I can arrange a virtual appointment or email her and she’ll advise me on her thoughts or what to do next.. I feel so at ease talking to Dr Terry, and she’s so informative, I’ve learnt so much from her, I feel that she’s not only my hormone Doctor but also my lifestyle coach, I can 100% recommend Dr Terry