Hands are beautiful because they allow us to be creative, however being exposed to the ravages of sun, time, work and life in general, our hands can show a story that perhaps we are able to hide on our faces.  In essence, your hands can give away your true age.

Collagen and Elastin is what gives volume, flexibility and strength to healthy, young skin. As a part of the aging process, your own natural collagen breaks down, diminishing volume and elasticity. This loss of elasticity and volume results in and skin laxity –which rob your skin of its youthful, fresh appearance.

The Dr Terry Clinic can help restore your hands for a more youthful appearance.

If you have any questions about Hand Rejuvenation or would like to come in for a consultation to discuss suitability, please contact our very friendly team on 0203 6338812 or email hello@DrTerryLoong.com