“Reflections of an Integrative Doctor”

This is where I share personal insights and tips on growing younger, feeling confident and loving the skin you’re in.

Hello and welcome to my official website. Here you will find free resources and extra support to help you feel more confident in your skin, your hormones and your health. 

After I graduated from King’s College London in 2002, I first trained as a surgeon before specialising in Aesthetic Medicine in 2007. I started out my career, inspired by my late mother who suffered from hormonal acne and acne scars which led to my first book “The Hormonal Acne Solution”.

When I was 30 years old, I was diagnosed with early stage cervical cancer which led me down the path of nutrition, lifestyle medicine and hormonal balance. I have been in practice for more than 18 years. My philosophy as an Integrative Skin and Hormone Doctor is to help my patients look and feel their best, with each passing year, naturally and holistically.

VN, 22yo, Accountant

Dr Terry is the absolute best. She is a great listener and really understands the patient’s needs. She made me very comfortable as someone who is new to cosmetic procedures and made every effort to ensure I don’t feel any pain and feel nice and calm. Her work is impeccable and all my friends want to go to her after seeing my before and afters. I have had undereye filler, lip filler and nasolabial filler with her so far and honestly cannot fault her! If you are looking for someone who will care for you and give you beautiful natural results that fit you, then I highly recommend her 🙂

MA, 48 yo, Project Manager

Dr Terry is very patient focused and I have always been very happy with results. Not only does she take care of you in her practice, but always follows up and stays available for questions or after care. I highly recommend Dr Terry for natural looking Botox results as well as skin care.

Are you suitable for Botox?

Are you suitable for Botox?

“Botox is neither good nor bad. It's a treatment option for a specific goal”~ Dr Terry But isn’t it a toxin, you may ask.  Yes. So is carrots when you have too much and you turn orange.  So is love if you used to manipulate as seen in love-bombing by narcissist.    I...

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