Beautiful lips such as those of Marilyn Monroe or Angelina Jolie are to die for. However, we can say that thick luscious lips do not suit everyone. Finding a good proportion that suits the shape of your face is key to a beautiful kissable lips. To achieve this, a good treatment will involve not only the lips but also the area surrounding it.

As we age, the lips thin out due to volume loss, bone resorption, teeth loss and poor circulation. Hence, lip rejuvenation is the treatment women like us deserve. It’s a wonderful feeling to achieve those alluring lips throughout our lifetime!


This procedure is designed specifically to create beautifully shaped kissable lips. It gives your lips a natural fullness and a more sensuous look, making it soft to touch and irresistibly kissable.

There are 3 types of results after treatment that you can expect:

  • Lip enhancement  – the volume is perked up to create sumptuous, luscious lips.
  • Lip definition – the line of the lips is defined to avoid lipstick bleeding lines or drooping corners. It is also used to create a cupid’s bow.
  • Lip rejuvenation – full lips is achieved with smooth, hydrated and plump texture.

In all cases, it is highly recommended to have more than one type of treatment to get the optimal results you are looking for. In my practice, I use Teosyal dermal fillers for their subtle yet long lasting results. 

These products are the latest and advanced technology from a trusted family of treatments, a unique formulation specifically designed for a successful lip enhancement. These are ’tissue-tailored’ and formulated to work in harmony with the natural anatomy of the lips.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved in the treatment?

Kissable Lip treatment involves a gel gently injected into the body (the border or surrounding area in the lips in order to fill out wrinkles and folds) to sculpt lips. We use dermal fillers that are naturally degradable and estimated to last 6 to 12 months before a new treatment can be administered.

Does it hurt?

The lips are one of the sensitive areas of the body so discomfort is expected during the treatment. However, this is greatly minimised by administering a local anaesthetic added into the dermal fillers. You can also choose between a local anaesthetic cream or a dental block to numb the area before the treatment. This will be discussed during the consultation.

Is it safe?

The treatment is simple, safe, and shows immediate results. To date, almost three million injections in more than 70 countries have been carried out so far.

The selected dermal fillers are made from non-animal raw materials. Adverse side effects are very rare and there are no allergy tests required before the procedure. The natural degradation process of the filler does not create any risks or reactions in the body either, which on the other hand can occur with permanent implants.

Are there any side effects?

Lips are naturally vulnerable to swelling and prone to bruising. If it is your first treatment, it is advisable to stay indoors as the swelling can last for 2-3 days. You can take this as an opportunity to relax and rest for the meantime.

The initial treatment is maintained with occasional follow-up treatments

    Do you have any pre-treatment advice?

    Things to take note before going into the treatment process:

    • Pregnancy and breastfeeding are contra-indications to treatment.
    • Alcohol intake should be reduced at least 24 hours before treatment.
    • Medications such as aspirin may cause bruising as well as high doses of vitamin E.
    • Before starting with the dermal filler treatment, it is advisable to stop Accutane medication for 6 months because it can increase skin sensitivity and increase risk of side effects.
    • Sun beds, waxing, electrolysis and laser should be avoided at least 48 hours before the treatment.
    • Pain sensitivity may be heightened at certain times (premenstrual condition or following excessive alcohol intake).
    • Bruising can be reduced by taking Arnica tablets two days before the treatment.
    • If you have suffered from cold sores in the past, it is advisable to take Aciclovir for 5 days before your treatment to reduce the risk of a recurrence.

    Do you have any post-treatment advice?

    Things to take note after the treatment has been administered:

    • Immediately after the treatment, a slight redness, swelling, tenderness and an itching sensation is expected in the treated area. This is a normal result of the injection. Please contact us if the above mentioned continues or if any other reactions occur.
    • The treated area should be massaged gently for 30 seconds in the morning and night in a span of 2 to 3 days.
    • The initial swelling after the treatment may last a while longer. Some patients experience swelling for about a week. This means that the result observed directly after the treatment should not be considered as final.
    • Avoid touching the treated area for 6 hours after the treatment. Gently wash the lip area with soap and water.
    • Light make-up can be applied after 6 hours.
    • Do not expose the treated area to intense heat (e.g. solarium and sunbathing) or extreme cold until the initial swelling and redness is resolved.
    • If you have previously suffered from facial cold sores, there is a risk that the needle punctures could contribute to another eruption. It is advised to take Aciclovir at least 5 days before the treatment and to continue it for another 5 days afterwards.
    • If you are using aspirin or any similar medications, please be aware that these may increase the bruising and bleeding in the area where the needle will be injected.

    If you would like to find out more or want to book a consultation with us, you can contact us from the following, please complete the contact form or mail [email protected] 

    Please note that all treatments will require initial consultation to assess suitability and there is an initial consultation fee. For selected cosmetic procedures, this is redeemable against services rendered.