Our bodies are remarkable creations and in an optimum state the body seeks to be in equilibrium. There is a fine interplay of hormones which control different systems within the body and this interplay can be affected by a myriad of factors that alter the balance. Finding ways to respect and balance these hormones leads to a better, healthier and happier mind and body. Dr Terry’s approach to Hormonal Balance focuses on finding the root cause of the imbalance, restoring your rhythm back to its optimum levels and supporting its maintenance so you can get your mojo back in this modern day.

The first consultation is 1 hour and you are required to complete a detailed questionnaire to submit 3 days beforehand.

Initial consultation – £350 (1hour)
Follow up – £230 (30mins)
Phone call follow up – £90 (10mins)
Private Prescription fee – £50

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What is Hormonal Balance

“When your hormones are happy, healthy and balanced, you feel your best self again!” Dr Terry

Hormones are essentially chemical messengers which are released into the bloodstream to reach target organs on which they have an effect. Different hormones have different effects –for example adrenalin will control the fight or flight mechanism for protection, whereas oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone affect fertility and sexual responses. An excess or depletion of any of the hormones can cause different problems within the body systems and may lead to disease.

Hormones are produced in endocrine glands, such as the adrenal gland, released into the blood system to circulate and then are broken down and excreted from the body. An interruption of this system at any point can lead to an impaired hormonal effect or a depletion or overload of hormone. This has an impact on the body and it is important to identify levels of hormones and then to work out where the system is impaired and why.

Watch my video on How to Best Balance Your Hormones


Dr. Terry has been instrumental in helping me turn my life around for the better. When I came to see Dr. Terry for the first time, I was feeling the lowest I have felt in my life. I was a complete mess emotionally and physically.

I felt that Dr. Terry genuinely cared and empathised with what I was going through and even shared her own experiences that she had struggled with in her past. She developed a customised plan for me to follow. It attacked all my problem areas: leaky gut, adrenal function, thyroid, candida overgrowth. She was also brutally honest, telling me that if I did not sort out my health issues, chances were that bigger, more serious problems lay ahead. I really needed that wake up call to motivate me to change.

Three months on and I feel like a new person. I am getting stronger, feeling lighter and better, more optimistic and more knowledgeable about what my body needs.

Dr. Terry is incredibly open minded and often says that she is constantly learning from her patients and from reading about new developments. That is so refreshing compared to my experience with other doctors who seem more rigid in their views . I also especially like that Dr. Terry bases her diagnoses not only on clinical tests but pays equal importance on how one feels. In fact, that was her starting point with me. This is completely lacking in mainstream medical practice, especially when it comes to understanding issues relating to women/hormones as they rely solely on clinical results.

I know I have a long road to recovery ahead, but I feel secure in the knowledge that with Dr.  Terry’s guidance, I am going to get there stronger and happier. Another thing, my appointments with Dr. Terry always end with a genuine, friendly, feel good, hug. Which doctor does that!

SA, Management Consultant, Limehouse London

Many women are in hormonal imbalance because

• Modern fast paced lifestyle
• Stress
• Toxic environment
• Poor diet
• Age
• Medication and surgery


• Painful or infrequent periods
• Adult acne
• Mood swings
• Poor sleep
• Anxiety
• Hot flushes
• Night sweats
• Stubborn weight gain
• Premature ageing
• Brain fog
• Migraine


The aim of hormonal balance is to find the root cause of the imbalance, restoring your rhythm back to it’s optimum levels and supporting its maintenance so you can get your mojo back in this modern day.

In the first stage, a detailed image of hormone level and balance is created through detailed consultation, examination and where indicated, diagnostic analysis. Treatment may involve lifestyle adjustments, nutritional optimisation, gut health restoration, supplementation, targeted exercise or stress management therapies.

You may require Hormone Replacement Therapy, HRT to re-establish an effective hormone balance within the body and relieve your symptoms. Dr Terry is guided by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines prescribing body-identical HRT which is structurally identical to your own natural hormones. HRT has been shown to protect against heart disease, dementia, osteoporosis and colon cancer. Before starting on HRT, Dr Terry goes through a risk profile and where indicated, will organise a pelvic ultrasound scan, DEXA scan and mammogram.

Success of hormonal balance treatments require a partnership between practitioner and patient to work together to achieve the desired outcome of balance and harmony within the body.

Remember that nothing can happen over night – hormone balance takes time and patients should be prepared to commit to working together for 6-12 months in order to achieve the optimum outcome.


Feel energetic, calm, productive, focused and sexy again. You will find losing weight less of a challenge and your skin feels smooth, firm and beautiful. Sleep will be better and your approach to life will feel more positive.

If you would like more information or would like to book an appointment with Dr Terry, please email hello@DrTerryLoong.com or complete the online enquiry form. We look forward to hearing from you.