I feel like Dr. Terry and I have gone on a hike together. After 6 months of working towards the objective goal of stabilizing my skin, we uncovered deeper levels of the journey that, upon reflection, have lifted me to a more holistic understanding of my body and more healing of, and love for, myself as a whole.

As part of the process, we made changes to my daily routine to reduce cortisol spikes, established a baseline skincare routine to allow observation for what was happening beneath the skin, and then targeted the gut and connected, internal biomes that often times result in hormonal imbalances through diet and supplement support.

Along the way, she cared. She was dialed into status updates, shared words of perspective when the journey felt endless, and provided tactical suggestions and expertise along the way.

I am grateful to have met Dr. Terry and can share that alongside her process as well as my own spiritual and emotional healing, that I’ve found greater appreciation for myself, healing for my skin, and a holistic understanding of how our bodies are connected.

If given the opportunity, work with her – she’s an incredible hiking partner.