Dr Terry Loong is the best skin and hormonal guru under the sun. I first seen her in relation to my acne than slowly moved to aesthetic treatments. Turned up I had Adrenal fatigue and super low vitamin D deficiency. I seen all sort of dermatologists and have been prescribe roaccutane (messed up my hormones for years) by one of them. She was the first one to deal with the source of my acne. She looks at the body as a whole.

I had Botox, a bit of fillers and silhouette soft threads done by Dr.Terry. When she does Botox I still can move my forehead. My cheeks fillers and tear through treatment was done in 2 stages to make sure we are not overfilling. After silhouette soft treatment her team was checking with me every day how I feel.

She is extremely professional and her moto – less is more resonate with me completely. The final results are always natural. She doesn’t change my look, she brings the best out of me.