I suffered from adult acne and deep cysts before meeting Dr Terry. I was adamant about going through a holistic approach and tried all the home remedies found online. I didn’t know what I was doing and was frustrated that I wasn’t seeing any results – which was why I was eager to find someone like Dr Terry who would give me a constructive skincare plan and knew what they were doing!

I was so glad to know how holistic Dr Terry’s methodology was. She looked at my diet, sleeping patterns, lifestyle, and exercise and explained all these can trigger acne when neglected. I saw positive results within the first month – more radiance, fewer breakouts and less redness. By the 4th month, my skin cleared.

I enjoyed Dr Terry’s approach – she broke down the plan into stages, she was always available for questions and she did a deep dive into my lifestyle too. I appreciated her adapting the plan around my vegan lifestyle which not many doctors can do. I enjoyed the weekly check-ins which helped me adjust the plan and ensured I was on the right track.

Dr Terry was confident she would be able to find the root cause of my acne – and yes she did by looking at my gut health! I would highly recommend anyone to seek advice from Dr Terry as her approach is what our natural bodies need.