My patients often ask me…..

“Dr Terry…. why do you seem to have so much energy and always smiling even when you’re so busy!”



To be honest, it doesn’t come by accident. I have a morning routine that helps me set the day right, before I leave my house door.

I know when I don’t do my morning routine, I go about the day in a nervous frenzy, snack on unhealthy foods, feel like zombie and my skin starts breaking out. I have had bad morning routines before but the last year, I had to be disciplined and find what worked for me as I was getting busier at work and life.

There are many list on what to do in the mornings – some are obvious while others you may find strange. Enjoy experimenting and find what works for you.

When my routine no longer works or when I get bored, I mix it up or try something new. Whatever I do, I gauge it by how I feel afterwards. If I feel good then and throughout the day, I know it works for me.

Morning routines are a positive habit to cultivate. Once you find a few things that work, try it out at least 3 weeks every morning…. it takes about 21 days to adopt a new habit. You’ll notice how your days will change.

Below is just what I do during my weekday mornings (weekends are special). You are welcome to adopt parts or whole of the routines depending on your situation, time and preference. Try what resonates with you and throw the rest out. Of course, if you have children (which I plan to have in the near future) or often travel (which I do too), your routine has to be flexible.

Ps: For this blog, I’ll be focusing on my general morning routine and leave out my skin care routine for another blog.

Here goes…..

1. I wake up at least an 1.5 hours before I’m due to leave my house.

I put my alarm clock outside my bedroom so I’m forced to wake up and walk out to switch it off. This often wakes me up and prevent the dreaded SNOOZE button! Work with anything that will prevent you from pressing the snooze button!

I also don’t look at my emails, facebook or What’sApp notifications before I am out the door. I find if I do this first thing in the morning, I get reactive and can’t focus on me.

2. I put the kettle on and squeeze lemon juice in a mug, ready to make my warm lemon water.

This I learn from my late grandmother, warm lemon water:-

  • helps flush out toxins
  • aids digestion and encourages the production of bile (needed to digest fat)
  • contains pectin fiber which is beneficial for colon health
  • is a powerful antibacterial
  • excellent source of Vitamin C to boost the immune system
  • balances the pH level of the body, reducing pain and inflammation of joints
  • strengthens the liver by providing energy to liver enzymes
  • contains potassium which helps nourish the brain and nervous system
  • helps prevent the formation of acne and wrinkles

3. I brush my teeth and wash my face, taking about 10 deep breathes in and out.

Focusing on my breathe keeps me centered and helps pump oxygen into my brain and making me alert.


4. After I dry my face, I apply my favourite serum on my skin to absorb.

When I do this, I mentally say what I am grateful for (including myself looking straight into my reflection) and state my intentions for the day.

5. I drink my lemon water and do about 8-10 minutes stretches.

This is super important to me as I exercise throughout the week and my muscles can get stiff. I stretch where the sun is shining into the bedroom so I can enjoy the warmth of the sunshine too and get my dose of Vitamin D.

Stretching keeps me supple, flexible, pain and injury-free. Stretch purposefully and breathe as you’re stretching. Your muscles are just waking up so you want to be gentle with them. Movement also helps boost circulation through your body and skin, giving you a glow and revving up my metabolism.


6. Once I’m done with my stretches, I give my fiance, Kurt a good morning hug (he’s usually just about to wake up now).

Hugs are important to boost oxytocin which are the feel-good, bonding hormones. It is a great skin-calmer, anti-ager, brain booster and hunger-controller. Hug your partners, your kids, your parents, your pets or even your soft toys if you have them.

7. I make my morning green juice

Green juice first thing in the morning is great to:-

  • flush toxins out
  • nourish your body with all the goodness of the green vegetables
  • prevent an overgrowth of bad bacteria, parasites or candida in your gut
  • help to curb sugar cravings
  • keeps you fuller for longer

Making something healthy in the morning for myself and my husband gives me a good feeling that I am taking care of myself and my loved ones. It gives me the affirmation that I am worth it and I deserve to be nourished… not just through food but through my relationships, my career and my life.

I use the Hurom Juicer (it is slightly expensive at £295 but it is a great investment if you juice a lot).

My recipe for my morning green juice (for 2 people)

  • 2 apples
  • Half a large cucumber
  • 1 lemon (remove the rind)
  • 1 chunk of ginger (depending on how spicy you want it)
  • 4 stalks of large celery
  • 1 large bunch of romanian lettuce (or any green lettuce)

8. I’ll be having my green juice while doing my makeup for the day. I have my Iphone by my makeup table and I like to listen or watch an inspirational or instructional audio or video e.g. new course or skill that I am learning.

Feeding my brain with positive messages and information is great nourishment for the brain and will set my attitude right for the day, able to respond appropriately and positively to whatever challenge the day may bring.

9. I then change my clothes which I laid out the night before. Make my breakfast while I prepare food to take to the clinic for lunch.

My breakfast is simple, typically eggs or a protein shake. You can find suggested ideas for healthy breakfast in my previous blog 5 Breakfast Choices to Clear Acne, Lose Fat and Balance Hormones.

10. Finally, I pack my things, kiss my husband goodbye and out the door ready to face the world with energy, calm, joy and glowing skin 🙂

So that’s it! My current morning routine that works for me. Hope you found that useful.

Over to you….

Have you found morning routines good for you? How has it helped?

Which of these routines that I mentioned above resonated with you? Would you try them for the next 21 days?

Do you have your own morning routine that works for you? Do share what you currently do….

Make the most of your days. You definitely deserve to enjoy your days with vitality, joy and glowing skin. All you need is just a little enjoyable preparation.

As the saying goes “You only live once but if you do it right, once is enough!”

Have a wonderful day!