Time to kick breakouts in the butt!

Amazingly Acne is an incredibly common problem – approximately 85% of the population experience acne at some point in their lives and many of these people continue to suffer into adulthood or find that it only appears in adulthood.

Why do we get it?

There are many different reasons why someone might experience Hormonal Acne – the menstrual cycle (fluctuations of Estrogen & Progesterone), pregnancy (higher levels of hormones), the menopause (depletion of Estrogen) and even what we consume can cause a hormonal imbalance.

Excessive keratinisation also commonly occurs in adults, which slows down desquamation, resulting in an epidermal renewal process typically taking 45 days instead of the average 28 days in youth. This can increase the presence of acne in ageing, hormonal skin.

So I have created a 90 day programme to tackle and control hormonal adult acne. It comprises of internal and external phases with three integral steps in each phase that challenge the psychological, nutritional and hormonal elements of the condition. It is a holistic approach that aims not only to tackle hormonal acne, but also to help its resurgence.

“My approach is predominately preventative, looking at hormonal changes as we age and how to balance them. Pair this with effective skincare and you can correct the past and protect the future.”

We start with a personal programme that follows from a thorough educational consultation, to help each patient understand his or her own skin issues, before a bespoke system is put in place. My aim is to help patients clear their acne without the need of antibiotics, birth control pills or ro-accutane.

Phase 1: Taking Control of Acne Internally

Step 1: Lifestyle Alignment and reducing Inflammation – we take a look at the patient lifestyle and mindset and align them with their goals and aspirations. This includes life coaching, health coaching and stress management

Step 2: Digestion Optimisation and balancing sugars – restoring gut health and flow and maximising the gut’s ability to absorb nutrients that affect genes in a positive way. Including an Acne Elimination Diet, which will
help detox the body and a Happy Hormone Food Plan, which will help balance hormones. It might
also entail a diagnostic for sensitivity & intolerance and supplementation to regulate insulin, reduce
inflammation and encourage healing.

Step 3: Hormonal Harmonisation – diagnostic to clarify the hormonal profile, remove any offending
triggers/mediators, introduce nutrients and precursors, herbs/supplements or bio-identical
hormones to balance and optimise hormonal equilibrium.

Phase 2: Taking Control of Acne Externally

Step 1: Skin Awareness – a series of exercises to get to know the skin and learn to work with it,
rather than against it. This includes Skin Fasting™ – using minimal skincare products on polluted or
ravaged skin to boost the skin’s natural healing and hydrating properties, forcing it to adapt and
self-heal and Skin Hacking™ – a disruption of the normal skincare pattern. By hacking the normal
routine, this also kick-starts the skin to act differently. Skin can get lazy when it is used to the same

Step 2: Skincare – learning new routines and introducing a new skincare system (products that
work for the patient according to their lifestyle and personality). The skincare system will consist of Preparation, Correction, Stimulation, Balance & Protection. Products are from ZO Skin Health, ZO Medical, Glotherapeutics and Endocare.

Step 3: Skin Treatments – in-clinic treatments paired with a good at-home routine is ideal for an effective external tackle on acne. Our Medical Facials are ideal to undertake regularly as part of skincare maintenance / acne control. These include thorough careful extractions, skin peels (+/- micro-currents/light therapy) and a deep tissue neck & shoulder massage to stimulate vagal tone and reduce the stress hormones. In addition, some patients might need treatments for the after effects of acne, which can include scarring and pigmentation. A ZO Medical 3-Step Peel is ideal for acne and pigmentation and requires six weeks of skin preparation. To tackle scars; Microneedling, PRP and Skin Boosters are very effective.

Throughout the programme, patients will be regularly educated and monitored with tweaks to the
programme made whenever needed, to suit each individual’s own personal journey.

To find out if you are suitable for the Hormonal Acne Program, we invite you for a 15-minute complimentary discovery call with myself or one of my team. You can either call us on 0203 6338812, email us on [email protected] or fill in our online form. One of us will be in touch very soon.

Looking forward to helping you kick breakouts in the butt and revealing your beautiful skin!