Do you change up your skin routine when you go on holiday?

What’s your must have product that you never leave home without when you travel?

In this blog post, I share with you my skin care routine whilst on holiday with my family in Bali. During this time of the year, Bali is dry, hot and sunny!

I normally love a tan but 2 weeks prior to flying, I had an unexpected skin reaction following a skin treatment so my skin was on high alert for pigmentation and premature ageing.

The products I have chosen are all from ph Formula, one of my favourite brands from South Africa that is gentle, yet very effective and doesn’t break the bank (extra important when you go on holiday).


The products I have chosen are meant to prevent and treat pigmentation while protecting my skin.

1. MELA Serum – contains 4-butylresorcinol which helps to even skin tone and prevent pigmentation. It also has hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin

2. CR Recovery – this strengthens the skin’s natural defense mechanism, contains powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties aimed at reducing redness perfect for sensitive skin. By reducing inflammation, this reduces risk of hyperpigmentation

3. Vitamin C Cream (this size is from the ABC Mini Kit set) – contains 4% Vitamin C to help brighten the skin but also act as an antioxidant to further protect from UV damage

4. Sunscreen UV Protect SPF 50+ – provides both physical and chemical protection, while reducing inflammation without any fragrance or parabens. It’s light yet hydrating to the skin. I reapply my sunscreen 2-3 times a day, wear a hat/ sunglasses and stay away from direct sunlight.


While in Bali, we sleep with the air conditioning on because it’s warm at night and there’s no fan in the room. This like central heating in London is very drying to the skin. So my choice of products are to hydrate the skin but to also treat/ prevent pigmentation plus reducing inflammation from the day’s UV rays and pollution (we ride motorbikes in Bali).

1. HYDRA Concentrated Corrective serum – contains a blend of active ingredients and moisture-binding ingredients to intensively hydrate the skin.

2. MELA Active Recovery – contains mandelic acid, Niacinamide, phytic acid glutathione, Retinol and Arbutin – all great ingredients to treat hyperpigmentation and speed up skin recovery.

3. SOS Eye Rescue – super silky light cream texture rich in ceramides, peptides and Vitamin E to help skin elasticity and hydration. Been meaning to find a good eye cream for myself so I’m testing a few brands. I’ve only been using this one from @phformula for 2 weeks so it’s still early to say. The skin around my eyes is definitely more hydrated but the wrinkles that I wanted to treat is still there and I know it will need a deeper treatment when I get back to London.

4. VIT B3 Cream (this is a small size tube in the ABC Mini-kits) – contains 5% Niacinamide at prescription strength to reduce inflammation and speed up skin recovery. It also contains 24 hour moisturising complex which assist in prolonged hydration and protection of the skin.

5. Finally sealing everything with an SOS Rescue Oil, my favourite facial oil which I talk about a lot. It’s a bi-phasic oil that contains an amazing blend of naturally sourced actives to improve collagen production, firm the skin, reduce sensitivity and provide a natural barrier protection for the skin. It’s so gentle that I use it on my son’s eczema patches on his face.


When you’re in the sun, skin products are important to protect your skin externally but can you protect your skin internally?

You definitely can.

With an Omega 3 supplement – I ALWAYS bring this when I travel.

Omega 3’s are essential fats that are needed for skin health and radiance. They help support barrier function, skin hydration and reduce dry/inflammatory skin conditions eg acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. It also reduces the skin’s susceptibility to UV damage by 50% – so it’s a must when you’re on a sunny holiday to prevent premature ageing and pigmentation of the skin.

My current favourite is the Triple Omega 3 by Zenii. Easy to pack, easy to take. It’s also sustainable so it’s perfect if you want your beauty purchases to have a very low environmental impact.

I hope you found this blog post useful. All these products can be purchased via my online support team . If you need help with creating a professionally bespoke skin care routine for you before your holidays, just get in touch and we can schedule a virtual skin consult to go through your skin needs and goals.

Until then, have fun planning your holidays and stay protected in the sun!

To your best self,

Dr Terry