Like most women in my age group I am conscious of my appearance and will do what I can to maintain a natural look without going crazy. I want to look good for my age and not someone who chases “youth”. I am happy with my age I just don’t want to look like I am wearing my age on my face!

Having a “little and often” approach to non-surgical treatments the one area that defies all previous treatments no matter what I do is my neck area. I catch glimpses of myself in the mirror and all I see is the development of a “turkey neck”. It almost sways when I move my head! I am a naturally slim built person so seeing this “growing loose skin” just under my chin has bothered me for some time.

I have been aware of thread lifting and its positive effects on the face and frequently recommend this procedure to friends. I admit to having a thread lift in recent times and despite being pleased with the results, it has smoothed my jaw line but has no real impact on my neck area under my chin.

An opportunity arose a few months ago for me to have my neck treated with Silhouette Soft® threads. I was immediately excited about the prospect of losing the “turkey look” so jumped at the chance to try this procedure. The area was prepared by disinfecting my neck and then applying small local anaesthetic injections at the entry points as well as the line where the threads would go under my skin. They aren’t the nicest injections to have but you know the saying “no pain no gain”. I was surprised how painless the procedure was and it took about 20 minutes to insert the threads.


To say I was pleased with the result is an understatement. The immediate lift achieved exceeded my expectations and I am delighted. It’s not the neckline I had at 20 years old, I am realistic about what can be achieved but for me it’s an amazing result. I had no downtime and apart from minimal bruising where the local anaesthetic injections were I forget at times I have had it done. The mirror however reminds me just how good the result has been.

Silhouette Soft threads would be my “treatment of choice” in managing sagging, loose skin in the neck area that’s cost effective with no downtime or recovery.











Our Aesthetic Nurse Pam Cushing is a board member for the European educational advisory board for Sculptra and often leads training internationally. You can find out more about the treatment on our Thread Lift Treatment page.