The last couple of months, I’ve been experimenting with Sunekos skin boosters around my eyes.

I’ve had 3 treatments every 2-3 weeks injected very superficially into the skin about a cm apart. I chose to do my upper eye lid alongside my under eyes.

Here are my before and after pictures.

The results are subtle and it’s MORE A FEELING THAN A LOOKING.

I wasn’t too concerned with the lines around my eyes but more so the laxity and thinness of the skin. This is more obvious when I do the snap test by gently pinching the skin under my eyes and letting it go. It was very sluggish and I know it will only get worst with time. My skin feels firmer and it snaps back much quicker now.

My under eyes was also looking darker as the colour of the muscles were showing through more when the skin becomes thinner. My skin feels plumper and looks brighter now.

Although I say I’m not too bothered with wrinkles around my eyes, I still would like to prevent it. By having thinner, more lax skin, this can increase wrinkle formation especially when my face gets squished from sleeping on the pillow. I used to get worst crease lines around my eyes in the morning. I don’t get it as much now. It also feels and loks less puffy which makes sense with increased skin elasticity and firmness. 

Now, the down time.

This is a picture straight after my 3rd treatment. The swelling is from the multiple injection points, rather than the skin boosters.

This is 30 minutes after. Swelling calming down.

This is an hour later when I went to pick up my son from school. Swelling almost all gone. No one noticed.

This is the following day. Red dots are from the injection points. I bruise easily and upper lids bruise easily too. My husband only asked when he noticed the red dots at dinner time.

Remember, I CHOSE to do my upper lids which patients don’t have to.

I don’t like pain and I’m going to be real with you and say the upper eye lids really PINCHES!!!
BUT I will still go through with it because I don’t want my upper lids to be hanging when I get older so I’m preventing it.
Plus I’m all for NO PAIN, NO GAIN!!!

I’ve just started the Sunekos protocol for my lower face so I will share my results after I’ve had the 3rd session. What I can say from just one session, my pores already appear smaller and my skin feels plumper.

Why didn’t I do my eyes and face together? You definitely can which is what I did at my 3rd Sunekos session for my eyes. I just wanted to see the effects on my eyes first.

Here’s how my skin look in natural light at the moment.

I could have had dermal filler under my eyes to improve the darkness and hollowing BUT it would not do anything for my skin.

I’ve not had dermal filler under my eyes for 5 years now. I may have dermal filler under my more “hollow” eye in the future but for now, I’m focusing on improving my skin’s resilience.

There are different types of skin boosters and I shared in a blog why I choose Sunekos as my favourite.

If you like to geek out on the science of how it works, I wrote about it here.

Until next blog, here’s to focusing on prevention.

Dr Terry