I hope summer has treated you well and your skin is enjoying the glow from the warm sunshine, sea and rest.

If you’re back from your summer holidays and you’re preparing to go back to work or the kids back to school, I thought I do a blog to focus on maintaining that glow as long as possible while preventing any further pigmentation or UV damage that you might have gotten while on holiday.

During your first week back, I would emphasise on the importance of HYDRATION and INFLAMMATION CONTROL of your skin. This is because air travel, UV rays and a little extra social alcohol all can have a negative effect on the skin. Plus the process of unpacking, preparing for first day back at school or work, all can be stressful and lead to breakouts.

Here is what I have found worked for myself and my patients.

  1. Leave off your acids and Retinol that may irritate your skin
  2. Gently exfoliate once when you’re back (as long as there is no sunburn and your skin is not sensitive)
  3. Double up on your hyaluronic acid serums eg HYDRA serum from phFormula or Hydrating Serum from PCASkin morning and night
  4. Apply a calming hydrating Mask every night e.g Enriched Firming Mask by Epionce or SOS Repair Mask by phFormula (I like putting my calming mask in the fridge for extra relief)
  5. Apply a repairing moisturiser AM and PM e.g. Renewal Facial Cream by Epionce which blocks the 7 pathways of inflammation in the skin
  6. Add Lemon, chlorophyll OR cranberry concentrate to your drinking water to add more antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
  7. Make sure you drink enough water and more
  8. Take an Omega 3 (2000mg/day) and Curcumin (200mg/day) supplement if you aren’t already which both helps to reduce inflammation
  9. Book yourself a skin repair treatment about 2 weeks later to lift any UV damage and encourage skin rejuvenation

I hope these tips help. My next blog will be on my favourite skin treatments in clinic post summer holidays. Stay tuned.

To your best self,

Dr Terry
Ps: If you need extra help with creating a professional bespoke skin care plan for you, please click here