Do you have a little double chin that you’d like to get rid of naturally but not sure how?

I remember when I was younger…I used to have slightly more puppy fat and I didn’t like my double chin…at all!  Being bullied at school or made fun at in ballet class didn’t help matters (well, at least for me).

I’ve since lost my puppy fat and my double chin has gone now, however, I’m still very conscious of it so I make a continued effort to stand tall and keep my jawline defined.  My mother (bless her) taught me a simple yet very effective exercise to help me lose my double chin, which I share with you in this week’s video.

This exercise is effective due to the motions used which help to tighten up the muscles, similar to when you use resistance bands to exercise and strengthen.

You may feel silly at first, but it works, so try it for yourself at home.  I hope you have fun with this video!

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Do you have any tips and tricks that you’ve used or seen successfully reduce a double chin and strengthen the neck?

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Until next time, stay beautiful.