Have you ever been curious of having Botox treatments?
Do you know exactly what it does?
Do you know if you are suitable for the treatment?

I often get enquiries from women about Botox treatments but sometimes, they may not be suitable or it’s not the right treatment for them.

In this week’s video, I go through:

  1. What is a muscle relaxant treatment? (Botox is just one of the names of the prescribed medication used to administer the treatment).
  1. The different types of wrinkles and which are best for muscle relaxant treatments.
  1. What other solutions are available if muscle relaxant treatment is not the best option.



If after watching this video, you still feel you would benefit from a muscle relaxant treatment, you can find out more information about my approach by reading my blog ‘Muscle Relaxants’

Until the next video, keep educating yourself or feel free to ask me questions to help make the best decision for you.