Are you a woman suffering from acne?

Are you embarrassed or frustrated with your skin?

Does it seem to have a mind of its own?

Do you want to take the guesswork out of clearing your acne, saving you time, money and heartache?

If you said YES to any of the above, I wrote this book especially for you.

I am really excited and proud to introduce my first book, The Hormonal Acne Solution which has just launched. I’ve had orders from South Africa, Australia and USA. Mothers buying it for their daughters. Friends buying for friends and motivated women purchasing it as a gift for themselves.

Hormonal Acne is a topic about which I am passionate about, and I wanted to create a book that provides practical information, is informative, helpful and guides those that suffer with hormonal acne through the different stages of management, helping them to achieve clear, healthy skin and increase their confidence and enjoyment of life.

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Here are a couple of feedback of what women have said:-

“This is such a helpful book, and so easy to follow. Everything is explained well and it’s obvious that Dr Terry really understands acne and wants to help get to the root cause. It’s refreshing to read something by someone who really knows their subject and has practical and easy solutions to help. I highly recommend it!” Cassie B.


‘The Hormonal Acne Solution’ covers everything I went through with Dr Terry in clinic and the actions we took to treat my acne skin.. AND MORE. Dr Terry uses language that is light-hearted and easy to understand. This book is educating, interesting, and packed with valuable information that is easy to find in a logical format. It’s great to have all of Dr Terry’s advice in one place! Highly recommended.” Jessica C.

Hormonal Acne affects up to 80% of the population and can have a dramatic impact on the life of the sufferer. People often get sucked into a world of trying anything to help – antibiotics, roaccutane, birth control pills and a myriad of different and often ineffective topical medications. Since it’s also such a huge problem, an entire industry of facial washes, creams and over the counter products are available and this can be overwhelming, leaving sufferers not knowing where to start.

That’s where my book aims to help. I have broken down the causes of acne and looked at the reasons why acne occurs. I have thought about it from a 360° perspective so that we can get to the ground roots of why someone is suffering from the acne, and then treat these problems. Much of the solution lies in balance – balanced hormones through balanced diet and balanced lifestyle leading to balanced internal systems and balanced skin. I think coming from Malaysia, where I grew up surrounded by different medical influences – Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Medicine, alternative therapies, all have helped influence my desire to treat a problem holistically. Not forgetting my own very real experience with acne in my teens, which had a profound impact on my confidence and outlook on life.

The book also includes help with:-
1. The Acne Elimination Diet – explaining the Sneaky Seven foods which can contribute to acne, and what alternatives there are to include in a healthy, skin friendly diet.

2. The Skin Fast Diet – explaining the minimum products you need to kick start your skin’s natural healing properties. I have tried to make it pocket friendly as I am well aware that many of the acne treatments or so called ‘super foods’ can be really expensive. I wanted this book to be suitable for everyone who suffers from hormonal acne, helping them to reach a state of equilibrium and balance.

3. The 6 step Action Plan to use the right ingredients and skin routines to clear your acne and prevent scars and pigmentations.

4. Simple and helpful tips to balance your hormones naturally without the need for birth control pills.

Back in 2011 I had the idea of writing this book, and I ended up writing four book drafts and didn’t have the courage to publish it. Finally I have, and I hope that it proves very helpful to any one suffering from Hormonal Acne.

The book is available to buy in the clinic or you can get your copy through Amazon or Kindle.

Once you’ve read it, I would be so grateful if you could leave me a review on Amazon – good or bad, it helps me improve for the next edition.

Enjoy the book.

Here’s to your beautiful skin, life and happiness x