image1Your mission if you choose to accept it is to get through this holiday season with grace, poise and a clear head on over your shoulders.


To prevent or minimise bloating, breakouts, dark circles under the eyes, falling ill,

hangovers, melt-downs, cravings, weight gain and fatigue.

HOW? :-

Balance hormones, support the adrenals (your stress regulators) and learn how to hack

your body and mind to choose healthier options.


Need some help? I’ve got your back. Here’s a list (in no random order) of things which you can do to help you avoid the overwhelm this holiday season. Do let me know how it works for you.

I’ve listed 7 of my top tips. You can find more on my Instagram


TIP 1: Drinking a glass of water between each alcoholic drink

Drinking a glass of water between each alcoholic drink will help:-

  • Hydrate you
  • Flush out the alcohol easier
  • Make you fuller so you don’t snack on naughty treats (our will power is definitely lower when we are slightly under the influence)
  • Not make you feel out of place and still able to socialise with a “glass” in your hand.


TIP 2: Breath before you smoke

We know smoking is not good for us and is a huge factor to premature ageing (breaking down collagen) and acne (pro-inflammation). Smoking also clogs our vessels which means less oxygen to the brain and skin leading to  headaches and dull grey skin.

Before you reach for a cigarette when things get a little hairy, pause and take a breath. alternative nostril breathing  or pranayama to be exact.

It’s simple to do. I made a short YouTube video on this simple technique which you can watch here (please link to 1 minute of this will help calm your breath and heart rate down, clearing your mind and bringing your stress hormone cortisol back to equilibrium.


TIP 3: Add a belt to your party dress

Whatever outfit you have, try adding a belt to it. It will clinch in your waist and avoid the waistband expanding too much from over-eating.

If you don’t have a belt, try tying a string around your waist underneath your clothes. That was what my mother taught me when I was younger and trying to lose weight. It just needs to be snug (not constricting) so you give yourself time to digest your food properly before eating again. It just keeps you in check when your eyes may fool you.


TIP 4: Start the day with fibre

Start the day first thing with a dark green salad with some protein and healthy fats.

WHY? Fibre helps to keep you fuller for longer. Fibre helps the bowels to work more efficiently. Fibre helps to detox used hormones helping it to stay balanced.

Dark green vegetables are also high in Vitamin B which supports the adrenals and minimise PMS. Protein regulates your sugar and healthy fats helps your skin stay to hydrated and plump (which by the way is a bonus when you want to glow and look radiant at your next party!)


TIP 5: Book your facial or massage early

If you haven’t booked your facial or massage for this holiday season yet (DO IT NOW!). Actually best to book an extra session – one to help you look great for the party and the other to repair the effects of the party.

A facial or a massage ie touch helps to lower the stress hormone cortisol and boost the calming anti-ageing hormones oxytocin. Not to mention it releases happy chemicals dopamine and serotonin which makes you look and feel younger too.

Running around checking off your to-do-list, you may forget about the most important thing that is YOU! Taking care of yourself (before the s*** hits the fan) will give you the energy and space to take care of other people.

Schedule in a pampering session before your diary becomes full will make it non-negotiable. You deserve to treat yourself!! Do it this side of the year, not wait until January. Your skin and body will thank you for it….. trust me)


TIP 6: HIIT your workouts

With the long action list for the holiday seasons, we may not have time for our usual workouts. So how do we fit it in while still making it effective? HIIT it (Modify it to be a High Intensive Interval Training)

Do it first thing in the morning so

  • It boost your metabolism so you burn fat easier ????
  • It forces your meal to be used up by your muscles instead of storing in your fat. You’ll be in a better mood from the release of endorphins ????.

Choose an aerobic activity e.g. Hiking, running, cycling or swimming. You can also use a stationary #cardio machine e.g. #treadmill #elliptical #crossrunner.

Warm up for about 2-3 mins. For 30 seconds, go all out and then rest for about a minute. Do this about 6 times and then spend another 2-3 minutes to cool down. This should make up about 10-15mins.

Happy training.


TIP 7: Drink Astragalus root tea

You can buy it from most Oriental stores. Choose the root slices rather than the powder form.

Astralagus tea  is a powerful immune booster. It can help prevent colds or flus.

Use 1 slice with 6oz water. Simmer for 30minutes and serve. It’s a little bitter so you can add some dried longans or dried honey dates (both also from the Oriental store) to sweeten during the simmer process.


Hope you find the list useful. You can see more tips on my Instagram feed

Until then, stay healthy and happy this holiday.

Yours truly,