“Botox is neither good nor bad.

It’s a treatment option for a specific goal”~ Dr Terry

But isn’t it a toxin, you may ask. 

Yes. So is carrots when you have too much and you turn orange. 

So is love if you used to manipulate as seen in love-bombing by narcissist. 


I wish more women would say if they had Botox or at least don’t deny it if asked because hiding it makes it seem like taboo and something to be ashamed of. 

 Botox is neutral but society somehow polarises women to 1 or 2 categories. All natural, toxin free and the other who will spend on looking good as they age with cosmetic treatments (so it’s not truly natural). 

 The divide makes me angry because it’s just another thing to nudge women against each other. 

 I’ve seen different women having Botox. Most are working women who just want to look like they’ve had enough sleep or been on holiday. 

 I’ve also seen yoga teachers and health coaches having Botox. I’ve known of women who created their household name with organic skin care lines and lifestyle wellness influencers in their 50s having Botox (but they deny it).  

Having Botox does not mean being vain.

Whether we use Botox to soften wrinkles, relieve headaches or teeth grinding, reduce excessive sweating, relax muscle spasm or treat a squint, Botox is just an option.


Of course, like any treatment, how well it helps to achieve your goals depend on:

🔹If you’re suitable for Botox in the first place 

🔹Your expectations 

🔹The practitioner’s skill and artistic eye

🔹The Botox purity, batch & dosage 

🔹 Weighing up the potential risk vs gain (everything has risk – even falling in love can be risky)

If you’ve ever thought of Botox and worried of what other people will say, I take the advice of Eleanor Roosevelt who says “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” 

So take Botox as it is. A treatment option. It’s neither good nor bad. And you having it doesn’t make you good or bad either. 

 If you’re wondering  if you’re suitable for Botox, I’ve included a video below to explain.

Dr Terry