Summers almost out and we’re back at work, getting kids ready for school or planning our Christmas gift list (it’s crazy how time flies!) I hope you had a great time away and if you’ve been unlucky to be struck by holiday skin break-outs, here’s 5 great ways to tame those bad-boys 🙂

Skin Tip 1:

Holidays can be stressful at times so make sure you take time to breathe, meditate, relax, walk, dance and just switch off. This will lower your stress hormone (cortisol) levels which often link to break-outs. Make sure you take a couple of days after you’ve come back from your holidays to settle in before making a mad rush to get back to your normal daily routine.


Skin Tip 2:

Flush out holiday foods (which is often acidic) with alkaline foods and liquids – lemon juice, green juice and lots of green leafy salads. Try your best to stay away from or limit your intake of sugar, alcohol, caffeine, dairy and soda water which are pro-inflammatory.

(PS: Green is your new best friend!)


Skin Tip 3:

Have a colonic session on your return to reboot your bowel movements. A build up of toxic waste in your colon can lead to unsightly breakouts.

(PS: I know it’s not for the faint hearted but you will feel really light after you get all the “crap” out!)


Skin Tip 4:

Dilute a couple of aspirin tablets in a small cup of water and apply the solution (with cotton bud) directly on the breakout – this will calm it down. Salicylic acid in aspirin is often found in anti-acne products to dry the spot out.

(Ps: make sure you test a small patch in your inner arm to make sure you’re not allergic to aspirin)


Skin Tip 5:

Finally, if all fails, book yourself in for a Medical Facial to get a proper skin workout to declog, detox and get rid of the congestion, leaving your skin bright and spritely again. Expect intensive extractions, exfoliating skin peel and high tech gadgetry (e.g. light therapy , high frequency or mesotherapy) to calm your skin and get it back looking super sexy, ready for the Christmas season!

(Ps: Clinical treatment with added TLC. Frequency and number of sessions will depend on the severity of the breakouts)



So there it is! 5 Great Ways to get those holiday break-outs under control! Hope you found this blog useful.

Now it’s your turn! Would love to hear your secret to combating holiday skin break-outs. Do share with me your successes and even any weird concoctions you had to take (like some funny black bitter stuff my mum used to make me drink – don’t ask me what was in it!)

Thank you for reading and if you found it useful, please do share with your friends

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