Treating the eye area is one of my favourite treatments as it makes such a big difference to a person’s face. Are you looking tired all the time? Do your eyes make you look older? How healthy do you look? All of these can be seen just by looking at the eyes and the dark circles under it. As the saying goes “Your eyes are the windows to your soul.”

Dark circles can be caused by:

  • Genetics (how your parents look like)
  • Excess of pigments (more common in Asian or African descent)
  • Ageing (as the skin gets thinner, it reveals darker vessels underneath)
  • Stress, kidney or liver problems due to poor diet, excessive toxins, and poor elimination of illness or medication
  • Loss of volume around the eyes, exposing the orbital bone underneath and creating a hollow tear trough which shows up as a dark circle



The secret to youthful, bright, and tight eyes is the tissue around the eye area. Since it is delicate and fragile, we can use a combination of specialised treatments to achieve and maintain that fresh, taut, and youthful skin. To maximise the results, we also need to evaluate the cause of your dark circles including your diet, hormones, and existing medical conditions that have potential impact to its current state.

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