A common giveaway sign is dark circles underneath the eyes. This can easily be treated if the problem is loss of volume which occurs from 25 years old onwards.

Please meet Jenny, a beautiful client and friend of mine. She is a 39-year old working mother, running her own business (http://sportscience.gb.com) and also helps out at her kid’s school.

“I run around wearing different hats. I’m making progress to take enough rest and some Me-time. However, I just hate looking tired when I’m generally a positive and energetic person.”

Jenny and I spoke about different options to look less tired. We discussed ways on developing good habits e.g. better quality sleep, exercise and optimising her nutrition. That helped the feeling of tiredness and contribute further to her high energy. However, we still needed to address the external appearance of looking tired.

Jenny is fortunate to have a good bone structure. Her cheekbones are naturally high and she has a good, defined jawline. One of the tell-tale signs of her tiredness is the darkness under her eyes. She doesn’t have many wrinkles but she was slightly concerned of the slight loss of volume in her cheeks which resulted in a more defined nose-to-mouth line (or nasolabial line).

Dark circles underneath the eyes is a common initial sign of aging. This can be caused by genetics, excess pigments in the skin, loss of volume from the age of 25 years old and thin skin, reflecting the veins underneath. Each will have it’s own specific solution.

For Jenny, what we did was:-

  1. RegenPRP Lift using growth factors from her blood plasma to stimulate the collagen and elastin of the tissues and skin.
  2. Using RegenPRP, we were able to produce a PRP gel – a natural alternative to filler to replace the volume where she has lost, re-contouring and rebalancing her face.
  3. We focused on the darkness around her eyes (using a blunt cannula to carefully place the product), her cheeks and jawline using vectoring techniques to give a natural lift and shape.
  4. We finished off the session with a light nappage technique, infusing droplets of PRP liquid into the superficial surface of her skin to encourage a glow.

This is her first treatment and we have scheduled for her next treatment in 4-6 weeks time. The best results come after 2 sessions and ideally, 3 sessions are recommended for long lasting results. It was carried out under local anaesthetic and there was minimal discomfort.

Result: One very happy lady!

Before and after photo





“After the treatment, I had no pain, no bruising and just looked great! Amazing!!!”



Jenny has kindly allowed me to share her story with you and we will be posting new updates of her subsequent treatments. Can’t wait to share with you a picture of her when she’s all dressed and glammed up with new found confidence!

NOTE: Results will differ with each individual depending on your medical history, lifestyle, facial assessment and skin health. Treatments start from £1200.

If you like to find out if you are suitable for the treatment, please call my team on 0207 706 1997 or email hello@DrTerryLoong.com to book a complimentary consultation. Please Quote “PRP”