I turned 40 this month and when people see me, they say I look better as I’ve gotten older.

Me wearing my new dress on my 40th birthday


It’s always my intention to grow old gracefully and that I mean looking my best for my age.

My passport picture when I was 29 years old (left) and 39 years old (right)


I do my best in adopting a healthy lifestyle – eating my greens, taking my supplements, managing my stress, doing what I love and staying away from energy vampires. I also have a good skin routine using quality products with concentrated active ingredients. All these does help keep the lines at bay somewhat and minimise premature ageing but unless I hide away from the troubles of the world in a UV protected eco-friendly cottage in the mountains, the signs of ageing is going to catch up on me much faster than I would like.

So before I turned 40 years old, I had a plan to maintain my youthful features so I will continue to look my 30’s when I’m in my 40’s.

Now the treatments I’ve listed below is not all done at once. I had these treatments in stages and spaced out throughout my 30’s as the need arises.

Similarly when I assess my patients, I address the concern that is most pressing first – often described as “most ageing” or “makes me look really tired”. Following that, I will create a plan to pause the facial ageing button in the long term. The aim is to freshen, rejuvenate and make it look like they’ve had a really good holiday or 12 hours of uninterrupted blissful sleep.

There’s a link below to another blog I wrote on “How to Pause the Facial Ageing Button” if you would like to know in more detail how the face ages and how I use aesthetic treatments to restore youthful features in the most natural way possible.

Before that, here’s the list of treatments I’ve had so far.

My face close up without any filters.


  1. Botox for my frown and forehead to soften dynamic wrinkles (I frown in my sleep)
  2. Botox for my chin to reduce the cobbled appearance (and to also maintain my V-shape)
  3. Botox for my neck and jawline to reduce the downward pull of the muscles so my facial elevators can lift my face unopposed, giving me a slight lift and sharpening of my jawline.
  4. Classic dermal fillers to reduce the deep nasolabial folds ((nose to mouth lines) which I get from my father.
  5. Volumnising fillers for my cheeks to replace volume that is lost with age.
  6. Deep dermal fillers for my chin to give it more projection and enhance the V-shape of the face.
  7. Light dermal fillers for my under eye area to reduce hollowness.
  8. Thread lifts to reduce gravitational descent of the facial tissues. It also helped to reduce my pouchies (the loose skin beside my mouth) and helped to maintain the V-shape of my face.
  9. PRP (Vampire Facial) Under my eyes and all over my face to reduce darkness under my eyes and rejuvenate my skin.


No doubt I will continue to have treatments done as little tweakments as when the need arises. The most important thing for me is to always look like myself and not change the way I look.

I just want to grow old gracefully and look my best with each passing year. Naturally and holistically.

You can read more on “How to Pause the Facial Ageing Button” here.

Hope you find this blog useful if you’ve ever been curious about aesthetic treatments. If you have any specific questions, you can connect with me via Facebook, Instagram or email [email protected]

Until next time, here’s to your best self. With each passing year.

Dr Terry x