Here’s an illustrative treatment schedule. Whilst many of our patients follow this pattern, your individual needs will dictate the particular treatment schedule.

Initial Consultation – 30 minutes

During your first consultation, we will spend time together going through your goals and needs. I will examine the structure of your face, your skin’s condition, and ask you brief questions about your hormones and your health. All of these play a pivotal part towards youthfulness – less tired, with glowing and vibrant looks. If you have old pictures of your ideal self, please bring them along to help with the planning.

I will explain the possible options based on your budget, lifestyle, goals, and personality. I don’t only rely on a single problem but help my patients plan how they want their faces to look in the near future. How they want to go through the passing years as gracefully and beautifully as possible.

Once we agree on a treatment program, the investment, and timelines, we can make plans to prepare you for the treatment. This includes a schedule that is most convenient for you. Some treatments can be done in one session while others may require a few visits in the clinic.

Appointment for the first treatment – 30/45/60 minutes (depending on the type of treatment)

During your first appointment, we will go through the treatment programme and make sure that both of us are in agreement.

We will go through the treatment for the day, have you complete the paperwork including consent forms, then we will go through any questions that you may have. I will take a before and after photographs to keep in your medical records.

We will then proceed with the necessary pain management (if necessary) and then with the actual treatment. I personally HATE PAIN, so I can completely empathise with all of my patients. I make it a point to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible during the entire procedure.

I have many patients who come to see me either during their lunch, before heading back to work or before getting on a public transport going home. I understand the concern of looking different or having unsightly marks on your face, therefore, I can offer several suggestions below on ways to cover up.

Review Appointment – 15/30 minutes

Depending on the treatment planned, I would like to see you two weeks after your treatment to review the results. If amendments need to be made, we can do so then. In between your appointments, if there are any problems, concerns or questions, you are welcome to call me at the clinic on 0207 127 8108 or email me on [email protected]

Take note of the following:

  1. Consultation Fee

I do charge for my initial aesthetic consultation. There are many clinics and practitioners who offer free consultations but I believe that by charging, it allows me to spend a longer time with you, without having the obligation or pressure to up-sell a treatment or product. My patients always say that I provide honest, professional and personal feedback. They feel no pressure and can freely choose how they would like to proceed with the treatment programme.

Facial treatments are as much about choosing the right practitioner and trusting them. Trust has to go both ways; I trust my patients to take care of their skin and to optimise their internal health to ensure the treatments I provide will have maximum results. If you need help optimising the health of your skin and hormones, just let me know – I will be more than happy to help!

If I am unable to meet your expectations, I will tell you so and hopefully I will be able to refer you to someone who would be better suited to your needs.

  1. Pain Management

Some treatments can be uncomfortable and will therefore require pain management. These expectations will be disclosed to you before treatment and what is the best preparation to take. Some treatments require local anaesthetic cream or injection which will be administered in-clinic under the supervision of a doctor. Any pain management that you need post treatment will be discussed with you as well.

  1. Skin cover up – After treatment

Some treatments lead to post-treatment redness or sensitivity. In general, I advise you to remain make-up free but if you do require a cover up makeup, I recommend Oxygenetix foundation which is specifically designed to heal, provide coverage, and also contains SPF 25.

    If you would like to find out more or want to book a consultation with us, you can contact us from the following, please complete the contact form or mail [email protected]

    Please note that all treatments will require initial consultation to assess suitability and there is an initial consultation fee. For selected cosmetic procedures, this is redeemable against services rendered.