This treatment originates 20 years ago when gold threads were used to lift the face and stimulate the collagen of the skin. Popular in Asia where women pride themselves for looking their best as they age, they were looking for more long term solutions to maintain their youthful features.

This form of rejuvenation is based on the body’s natural healing process using traditional thread-lift philosophy in western medicine together with “threads-embedding therapy” in Oriental acupuncture therapy to control and improve tissue stimulation and muscle contraction. There is a progressive recovery of natural collagen which helps keep the facial contours balanced, smooth and defined.

The best candidates are women who are beginning to experience the appearance of wrinkles on the forehead, drooping of the brow, slight sagging of the mid and lower face, visible jowls and loose skin on the neck. I have treated patients with thread lifts as early as in their 30’s to women in their 60’s. The difference is how many threads are used, the way the lift is planned and how many sessions that are required to achieve the desired effect.

It been given many names in the media e.g. “Puppet Facelift”, “One Stitch Facelift” but to be honest, I prefer to use the term “Threads of Life” which is far more empowering and respectful of what it actually does – restoring features to it’s youthful natural state.

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