What is youth?

Youth can mean so many different things to different people. We tend to associate it with positivity, energy, flexibility, good memory, creativity, and sparkle! Some even attribute it to young age. No matter what our perception is of the definition of youth, we all agree that it has something to do with how we look – our outside appearance. So the age old question remains…how can you look as young as you feel?


As we age, subcutaneous tissue depletes and descends. Bone is also resorbed, giving us flatter cheeks, shorter chin, and jawline. Gravity takes its toll and in other areas of the body we see a natural drop in tissue. Over time, as we are subject to different environmental and internal factors, we lose collagen which is supposed to contribute elasticity to the skin.

There is also a natural loss of volume within the face. These factors change the balance and contours of a face and as such, the dimensions are altered, once again, affecting how we perceive beauty.

These are the 8 Key Areas for Beauty and Ageing: 

  1. Eyes
  2. Mouth
  3. Nose
  4. Forehead – lines and brows
  5. Midface – cheeks, front fullness, side cheekbones
  6. Lower face – jawline, lips, chin
  7. Neck and décolletage
  8. Hands

It is said that the eyes are the windows to our soul

It is natural to look at the eyes and lips of someone we meet for the first time. If we see their lips and eyes looking tired, sad or unhealthy, it could imply that something is off balance and we recognise this even subconsciously.

Society norms and cultural influences all affect the way we perceive beauty and youth, but beauty can also be found in so many different ways. I believe it is important to understand that beauty is really in the eye of the beholder. I also believe in the importance of empowering people to be confident in their natural beauty and for them to understand what it means to be beautiful.

Even if I say this as it is, I know some of you are still unsettled, uncomfortable, and might have been struggling with how you feel about your eyes, lips, or how fine lines are starting to grow and becoming visible on your face as time goes by. Don’t worry, it is a normal feeling to have as we age. The shape of our lips also changes over time and it is a common sign of ageing. We lose lip volume and the dimensions change.

That is why it has become my passion and work to help people like you feel and look rejuvenated and vibrant so your natural sparkle can shine through. We can help you to restore the balance and contours of your face, adding volume and hydration where necessary to enhance your facial features.

Nowadays we have extremely sophisticated products and techniques to enhance the lips in a natural and appealing way.

Just as everyone is different, it is important that every patient is treated individually. Therefore, a bespoke treatment plan is created for every patient, taking into consideration their personality, lifestyle, goals and budget. In this way we can work together to achieve harmony, balance, radiance, health, and happiness.

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If you would like to find out more or want to book a consultation with us, you can contact us from the following, please complete the contact form or mail hello@drterryloong.com

Please note that all treatments will require initial consultation to assess suitability and there is an initial consultation fee. For selected cosmetic procedures, this is redeemable against services rendered.