Most people are worried about downtime when it comes to medium-depth facial peels and frankly, most just don’t have the time for downtime!

That’s where the 70% lactic acid peel comes in; a medium-depth peel, with no peeling hence no downtime, with immediate brightening and tightening of the skin.

The way it rejuvenates is by micro-shedding i.e. the 70% lactic acid penetrate the epidermis, softening the bonds of the dead skin cells allowing it to micro-shed so although it does actually peel, it’s not visible. You may feel the skin feeling dry for a few days after the treatment which can be enhanced by cleansing of the face and using the post peel products.


1. Post inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (pigmentation caused after skin has been injured eg trauma, acne, injuries, lasers etc)

2. Dull, tired looking skin

3. If you would like to quickly brighten and refresh your skin for a special event.

4. Softening fine to medium feather lines on the face.


The skin is prepared two weeks before the peel procedure with specialised products. This enhances the results and minimises potential complications.

A consultation is recommended at least two weeks prior to the treatment to assess your suitability for the peel.


After understanding the consent form and aftercare sheet, the skin is:
– double cleansed
– polished
– pre-peeled
– application of 70% lactic acid peel
– Neutralised
– Massaged and Calmed with a specialised serum
– Finish off with a sunscreen


We like to test out our products and treatments before we offer them at the clinic, as we are happier and more confident when we know how the client will feel and what can they expect to see after the procedure.

  • You will feel relaxed at the point of cleansing and polishing.
  • A mild stinging and warmth may be felt when the peel is applied, which is only left on the skin for up to two minutes for first time treatments.
  • When the peel is neutralised, a slight sting can be expected but this is quickly dissipated when the specialised calming gel is massaged into the skin.
  • Immediately after, the skin looks rosy, brighter, fresher and tighter.

Patients are advised to stay away from direct sun exposure for the next 24 hours if possible.

Immediate and visible results are seen from the first treatment. For maximum and lasting results, a series of 3-5 peels, every 10-14 days is recommended.

N.B. there are rare exceptions who are very sensitive and therefore skin sometimes experience a minor reaction with skin peels. This is largely due to when clients do not have time to prep their skin two weeks prior as advised and/or do not stop using active ingredients (retinol based products, AHA’s etc), at least 48 hours prior to the peel which makes skin more sensitive.

Written by our resident Clinical Therapist, Minal Raichura



The consultation is carried out by our clinical therapist, Minal Raichura. This is £50 which is redeemable against the treatment price. Minal is available every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Skin Prep Products (4 products) to last you 2 weeks is £20.

Treatment price is £150 per session and will last between 30-45 minutes.

If you have any questions or would like to book a consultation with Minal, please contact us on 0203 6338812 or complete this enquiry form and one of our team members will get in touch with you as soon as possible.