The simple key to beautiful healthy skin is REDUCING INFLAMMATION.

There are 2 types of inflammation – acute and chronic. Acute inflammation is the process by which the body naturally heals itself. It’s a necessary part of the body’s mechanism to fight off harmful insults. Chronic inflammation is destructive and occurs when acute inflammation goes untreated. Chronic inflammation is linked to many skin conditions eg acne, pigmentation, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea and premature ageing. The pathways leading to chronic inflammation in the skin are multiple and complex. Even genetics play a role as it can affect how “sensitive” your skin is to inflammatory triggers.

Inflammatory triggers can be internal or external. Common external inflammatory triggers include UV rays, environmental chemicals, pollutions, allergens and radiation. Common internal inflammatory triggers include sugar, dairy, gluten, stress, hormonal changes, gut dysbiosis and lack of sleep. Even medication can cause problems.

We cannot change our genetics but we can learn to work with our bodies to reduce inflammation internally and with our skin to reduce inflammation externally. That’s why it’s so important to invest in the right skin products and use it consistently and appropriately, with a long term goal in mind.

That goal is to reduce chronic inflammation while repairing and strengthening the skin barrier, increasing it’s resilience to everyday modern day assaults. That’s my goal when I recommend skin products to my patients. The brands I use and love all live this philosophy.

My favourite brands at the time of writing this blog are:

  • ph Formula
  • Epionce
  • PCA Skin

Half the battle is knowing WHAT products to use. The other half is knowing HOW to use them for maximum benefits. That’s why it’s so important to have a skin consult to have a professionally personalised skin care routine.

Can I share my knowledge with you? My specialty is treating acne, pigmentation and premature ageing. I can help:-

  • if your current skincare is not delivering the results you are looking for
  • if your skin is sensitive and you’re not sure what to use
  • if you’re ready to invest in good products but there’s so much to choose

I’m so excited to announce my partnership with Harley, a doctor-support company where they will be able to deliver products right to your door as per my recommendation following a Mini Virtual Skin Consult. So this is effectively my “online shop” but it’s not the standard shop as it’s not readily available to the public. Following our consultation, you will get a link with the list of products which you can choose to purchase now or later. And when it’s time to replenish, Harley will send you a reminder so you never run out of the good stuff.

I’m aware a lot of patients and followers may not ever come into clinic so if I can help from afar, I’m doing my bit to helping more women feel more confident in their skin.

If you’re interested in booking a Mini Virtual Skin Consult with me, you can do so by clicking the calendar here.

This service will be launched on 1st April and to celebrate, I’m offering the Mini Virtual Skin Consult FREE of charge until further notice. I hope you will take advantage of this offer.

Until then, be kind to your skin…… it means well and there to protect you.


To your best self,

Dr Terry