I have been relying on my good genes and high street brands for my skin care regime. I recently reached a point and an age when my skin was losing its glow and I was showing clear signs of ageing. I decided to see an expert who was highly recommended and credible, Dr Terry who has educated me about skincare that it’s tailored specifically to me and my skin type.I have been on a journey with Dr Terry who has been supporting me around my work schedule, day and night, to deal with any questions and issues I have had to overcome to re-educate and adapt my skin to the new tailored skin regime.

I can’t believe I’ve spent all my life making choices about my skincare with no real knowledge and experience.We wouldn’t self diagnose ourselves on other areas of our body without seeking the advice of a medical practitioner so why do we make decisions on our facial skincare based on advertising or what unqualified people tell us?I highly recommend seeing Dr Terry, she is very passionate about making women look and feel beautiful and an advocate of doing this in an ethical and supportive manner.