If you’ve landed on this page, we are guessing you’re not 100% happy with what your current skin care routine is doing for your skin.



Tell us…..

  • Do you have acne or congestion that you want clearing without over-drying or irritating your skin?
  • Do you have redness or sensitivity that you want improving and looking for products that are gentle yet effective?
  • Do you have stubborn pigmentation that you want treated safely? This includes melasma, sun-induced pigmentation and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from acne, surgery or injury.
  • Do you have acne scars or rough skin texture that you want smoothing at home?
  • Do you have dry skin, loss of firmness, lines and wrinkles that you’re concerned about and want to improve it naturally while preventing it from getting worse?


If you’ve said YES to any of the above, Dr Terry can help.

Dr Terry Loong (aka Dr Terry as her patients call her) is an Integrative Aesthetic and Hormone Doctor. She’s been a doctor for about 18 years and in this specialty for about 13 years. She looks at skin inside out, helping women look and feel their best with each passing year.

She offers general skin consultation in clinic as well as online for patients who want professional advice but unable to come to clinic due to distance, time or cost constraints. Read all about it below or book yourself a session here.

Dr Terry specialises in non-surgical aesthetic procedures, skin changes due to hormonal changes and hormonal balance. With her clinic patients, she helps them combine lifestyle, food, gut and hormone health together with skin care routines, advanced skin care treatments and aesthetic procedures where necessary.

Her motivation for holistic skin health stems from my late mother and my own personal experience with hormonal acne. You can read about my story here.

Dr Terry’s approach to skin care is:-

  1. Reducing inflammation internally and externally
  2. Repairing and strengthening protective epidermal barrier (to prevent moisture loss and reduce environmental triggers)
  3. Encouraging healthy skin cell turnover (to prevent and treat pigmentation, scars and lines/wrinkles)
  4. Balancing healthy oil production without over-drying the skin
  5. Hydrating the skin
  6. Protecting from UV rays, free radicals and environmental pollution

This philosophy is simple and effective for long term results.


Now you’re probably thinking to yourself:-

“I don’t have time to come into clinic because I’m busy with work/ family/ travel ___ (fill in the blanks).”

“I am overwhelmed with all the products in the market. I’m not sure what’s actually good for my skin.”

“Should I be using the products from the same brand or can I mix and match?”

“My skin is really sensitive. I’m scared to try new products but I know I need to upgrade my skin care routine as I’m getting older.”

“I’m a minimalist. Do I actually need so many products for my face?”

“I work hard for my money and want to make sure I’m not being ripped off by pretty marketing fluff when I purchase a product.”

“It would be great if I can ask questions to a professional related to the products and my skin but I can’t afford the high clinic fees at the moment.”

“I’m looking for a skin routine that’s professionally designed for me so there’s no guesswork on what I’m using.”

What you’re thinking is not uncommon. we’ve heard it time and time again from our patients, social media followers and women we meet at networking events.

So how can Dr Terry help?

If you’re looking for a personalised skin care plan professionally designed by yours truly that fits your budget, personality and skin goals, Dr Terry will be offering Virtual Skin Consultations in partnership with Get Harley, an online smart skin platform that connects professional skin experts with customers like you.

It’s CONVENIENT: It’s online so no travel or waiting.

It’s EASY: No downloads or logins, just click a button and you’re in the virtual consultation room

It’s AFFORDABLE: If you came to see Dr Terry in clinic for a 20 minute general skin /aesthetic consult, it would cost £200. With the Get Harley platform, it’s a fraction of the price currently at £35 and you get more time too (30 minutes).

What I love about doing consults virtually, it allows Dr Terry to connect with women around the world who normally wouldn’t have the time etc etc.


Here are some feedback from women we’ve helped online get focused with their skin care routine:-

 My skin is looking less dry and my redness has improved. Very happy with the results so far. Thank you.” IG from Ireland

 “Dr Terry is so encouraging and helpful. My skin is feeling so much better and not reacting to the products. My breakout has also improved dramatically.” ML from London. 

“ I love the little touches that come with my package each time. Love the personal notes and love the fact the products are chosen specifically for me.” AM from Paris. 

“Love the products. My skin is hydrated and my pigmentation is improving too.”  EW from Lancashire. 


How does it work?

  1. Each month, we open online appointment slots which you can see on calendly and you can choose a suitable date/ time for your appointment
  2. You will then get a confirmation email from Get Harley and they will send you a link to complete a short medical questionnaire before your appointment.
  3. A few minutes before your appointment, you will click on the Get Harley Consultation Room link that is in your confirmation and reminder email.
  4. Dr Terry will be online to greet you and we will spend the first half of your consultation to go through your skin goals, medical history, lifestyle and current skin care routine.
  5. Based on this, she will spend the next half going through actionable steps to achieve your goals. Usually this involves optimising your skin care routine, supplements and lifestyle.
  6. During the consultation, she will write up your skin plan and Get Harley will send this over to you with a link to your email or phone. You will be able to easily purchase the plan (or part of it) and Get Harley delivers this to you typically the next day. If after the consultation, you have follow up questions, you can reach Dr Terry securely by messaging Get Harley.


Why we recommend purchasing from Get Harley?

  1. It’s quick and easy.
  2. It’s reliable as products come from official sources so we am assured of their safety, effectiveness and quality.
  3. It’s personable as there’s always a real person helping you with your skin questions.
  4. If you want to reach Dr Terry for questions, Get Harley tracks and coordinates this securely.
  5. Your skin plan is stored in your Get Harley Profile with step-by-step application instructions.
  6. When your products are expected to run out, Get Harley sends you a reminder and you can easily restock your products with a click of a button so it’s super efficient for busy women.

If this sounds good to you, secure your appointment by clicking on Calendly.

We are looking forward to helping you take the guess work out of your skin care routine and help you choose medical grade products that are evidence-based, backed by knowledge and not marketing.

It’s time you stop worrying about your skin and start living your life.


To your best self,

Dr Terry

Ps: If you suffer from Hormonal Acne and looking for more than just products, we recommend you look at my Hormonal Acne Solution program. It’s a deeper dive into the cause of your hormonal acne and creating a program to treat the root cause for long term results.