New Feedback Form

“I am thrilled with my volumnising filler! They look so natural and my children did not suspect a thing. Even my sister did not notice and I ended up telling my husband because he did not say anything yet he said I didn’t look as tired! Thank you so much for being so gentle, I feel so much better!”

Emma S. 42 years, marketing consultant, mother of 2.


“When I first met Dr Terry and her team, my self esteem was at an all time low.

I had suffered from acne for 14 years with varying degrees of severity. I had used over the counter creams and prescribed creams along with antibiotics which only seemed to help for short periods of time. I had reached the stage where I could no longer look in the mirror so took pains to avoid this.

I was unhappy in my personal and work life and hated the way I looked and felt. My Mother read an article in a Newspaper which mentioned Dr Terry having a special interest in acne.

Dr Terry, even on that first visit, gave me ‘light at the end of the tunnel’. She explained a whole person approach was necessary to control the hormones that were contributing to my acne. It was necessary to change my diet, increase my vitamin supplements and use a carefully selected selection of products on my skin. Dr Terry also recommended I have a pre-program medical facial to clean my skin as much as possible and this is where I first met Dr Terry’s clinical therapist Minal. I was made to feel welcomed and relaxed from that first meeting. Minal regularly let me know what she was doing, talking me through the facial and making me feel at ease. Since then I have had facial treatments every six weeks with Minal. Both her and Dr Terry help me to feel that I am not alone with my acne and are always there with advice and suggestions if ever needed. My skin is now so much improved. I still get the odd breakouts but nothing like the continuous disfigurement I experienced before. With the correct treatment regime and support from Dr Terry and her team, I can again face the world.”

Helen G, 28 year old teacher


I came across Dr Terry quite by chance when I started receiving her email updates and I am very glad I did!! Not unusual perhaps for a woman juggling young children and a hectic life/work balance I felt I had lost ” myself ” and felt exhausted, unattractive and low. Dr Terry was delightful, she got straight to work first tackling my hormones,then helping me look less tired and now I am in a health coaching program with her to keep me on track and accountable with my new lease of life. She has a lovely way of being warm and approachable yet brilliant at what she does. I feel in such safe hands and just couldn’t recommend her enough”

Sonja D. 40 years old, entrepeneur, owns a farm business, wife and busy mother of 2.


“I wanted to thank you for being such an important part of my year. You may not know it, but meeting you was a catalyst for me to make many important changes in my life, and the last 6 months has been an extremely hard but ultimately rewarding journey. I’m still on that journey, and I’m looking forward to the new year to keep them up!

Thank you for being who you are, for caring so much for others, and for sharing your own journey so openly and honestly with others.

It has touched so many people, and I feel lucky to have found you!’”

Meg M. 35 year old Sales Manager to an international company about to get married.


“I can’t wait to tell my sister in NZ all about you. She has suffered with acne for as long as I can remember and it’s definitely hormonal. It really affects her confidence and the drugs have really aged and dried out her skin. Keep doing what you do, you’re making a real difference to people’s lives. You inspired me so much, by the end of your talk I wanted to work with you!”

Amanda G. Beauty therapist.


“My main areas of concern were the lines and bags around my eyes and the deepening lines between in the area between my nose and corners of my mouth. Minal’s treatments transformed my face. After a course of treatments the area around my face and mouth looked a lot more ‘lifted’ (in a natural way) and my overall complexion improved dramatically. I have tried dozens of facials and there is no question Minal is the best. Minal takes on board your concerns and tailors her treatments accordingly, achieving visible results. Minal is a genuine and warm person and won’t push products or treatments just for the sake of it – a rare and refreshing quality to find in the beauty industry!”

RK, 42 year old busy full-time mother.


“I started having facials from Minal as I was developing unsightly reddish blotches on my face.  After three treatments they have disappeared.  I would recommend Minal highly – she is always professional and proactive in her approach.”

AHK, 55 years old Lawyer