Giving Back

One of the missions at the Dr Terry Clinic is to help women feel confident in themselves so they can create a positive ripple effect among their family, their community and the world at large.

With that mission in mind, we are honoured to support the charity Born to be Beautiful to help equip young women in India and Africa with basic beauty and business skills so they can stop the cycle of poverty and prostitution, creating a new life.

Born to be Beautiful is a young charity started in 2011 by Sarah Glover, a beauty salon owner to train victims of abject poverty and modern day slavery, in India and Africa.  She left her beauty business as she saw the need to help these women. The charity began by teaching manicure and pedicure skills. They did this because they could easily travel with all the equipment needed for a course in their suitcases!  Giving a uniform, starter kit, and certificate to all students once trained so they can immediately start working and earning money.  Born to be Beautiful help all their students get work or start up their own businesses.

Their next step is to set up self-sustaining beauty salons and training schools and fund raising have begun. They are planning to launch their flagship salon in Mumbai.  Half the building will be a fully fledged beauty salon, providing jobs for people who would never had the opportunity to work.

If you would like to support Sarah in this exciting socio-philanthropy project (through financial contributions, training equipment or business support), please contact her on  [email protected] or call 07813 290 831.

Thank you for your support!