I was super excited when I was told The Body Shop were hosting their Asia Pacific press event in Bali for the #SkinSpaScent launch. I have never been but have heard many wonderful things about it. Thought I’d tie in a little holiday at the back of my business trip and Bali sure did not disappoint.

Here’s just a little snapshot of the things I got up to and the interesting people I met.

Hanging out in Hanging Gardens, Ubud


Hanging Gardens. Need I say more.

Travelled in a couple of days before the big 2 day press event – definitely recommended if you’re travelling for work. It makes such a difference to my energy levels and jet lag when I have a few days of rest and recovery before the storm.


Relaxing on the veranda in our Panoramic Villa 

Swimming in the Best Pool in the World

Voted as one of the best swimming pools in the world by Conde Nast, it’s beautifully designed overlooking the vast green jungle and sacred temple.


Beautiful, isn’t it?

Enjoying fresh foods and long lazy breakfasts

Vegetables and fruits were grown fresh in the plantations and seafood was caught fresh from the sea. I love long and lazy breakfasts!


Balinese Food – colourful and fresh 

Being pampered in the Spa by the waterfall

Bali is known for their spa rituals and it was a treat being pampered almost every other day, having massages, body treatments and flower baths.


Blissfully being pampered 

Meeting people from around the world

Being an ambassador for The Body Shop, I’ve been fortunate to meet many people from all around the world – beauty bloggers and vloggers, journalist and editors from top magazines and The Body Shop team from each market who work tirelessly to spread the message of this iconic brand. It’s a true honour.

This was a huge launch of 3 new product range – The Oils of Life luxury skincare range, The Spa of the World rituals and the new Italian Fig fragrance.


Selfie alert!  With Miss Malini, celebrity blogger from India (if you have seen it yet, watch her #BaliBeauties Blog with an interview with me at 03:00)


With Melody Yoko Reilly, the most down-to-earth model I’ve ever met, from Japan.


Fooling around with fellow expert panel, Vanda Serrador Global Facialist and BodyCare Expert and Jennifer Hurst, Beauty Botanist and Carolyn Giang, senior communications manager.

Surfing the wave

I have a slight phobia of the sea from watching Jaws when I was little and having too many nightmares of sea monsters. So it was really out of my comfort zone going on my first surfing lesson. But my husband was with me and it’s one of his passions so I thought I give it a try.

It’s always good to challenge ourselves in a safe environment as it’s good for the mind, body and soul.


Fell off a lot, drinking lots of sea water. But practice makes perfect. 


Finally got it! Rode a few waves and was laughing the whole time, feeling alive and having fun.

Surviving the tallest mountain in Indonesia

My husband and I enjoy an adventure. We love to travel and be around nature. So it was no surprise we were going to try our hand at trekking the tallest mountain in Indonesia – Mount Agung. It was a 7 hour hike up, starting at 11pm to reach the summit by dawn and another 7 hour hike back down.

There was a few routes going up but due to a ceremony being held at a temple nearby, the safer route was closed off and we took the most difficult route up. A steep 45 degree trek up in the dark and close to the edge of the jungle. It was a tough trek up as I was already tired from the last 2 days of working.

Unfortunately my legs failed me and after trekking for 3 hours in the dark, we had to stop half way up the mountain and make camp. It was a cold night but luckily we manage to make a small fire and have some food to warm ourselves up.

We’re already talking about redoing this trek but this time the longer but safer route, camping a proper night. We’ve seen too many pictures of the top to not do this in our lifetime.


Beautiful sunrise on the top of Mount Agung 

Switching off

The biggest joy I had being in Bali was being able to switch off. It’s not often I come back from a holiday and actually feel completely relaxed. With Bali, I did. Bali has a peaceful and spiritual aura about it and it’s definitely a place I recommend to visit.


A spot of meditation goes a long way…

Thank you for reading.  I’ve included links below for further information:

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